Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • satyakb
    08-13 03:20 PM
    My experience at IAD was same as explained above (June/06/2010) . .

    I entered in AOS - EB3 - India.

    During secondary session, I was asked lot of questions regarding my existing employer / earlier employer, also there were questions which were related to my 2006 employer too and tax filings of 2006 year too.

    Overall with complete patience, managed to come into the country with approval after 4 hours.

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  • raj2007
    02-23 02:17 PM
    Interesting (?!) situation!

    One of my relative is on F1 visa, he wants to marry someone in India. He has applied family based GC. Can he bring that person in India thru a visitor visa here to USA and get married here ?

    1. Is marriage between two non-immigrants valid in USA ? Can this marriage be registered here ?

    2. Will his greencard process be in jeopardy if he gets married during the AOS wait time ?


    He can marry in is not dependent on any visa.. Just check state residency rules..

    Her visitor visa depends on her situation and interview.

    What category in family visa?

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  • reachinus
    07-23 06:07 AM
    my manager decided that he is going to RIF me in October. I just filed for my AOS and EAD last week. So i would assume my receipt date would be some time in July.
    I already have my I-140 approved with PD of Mar 2004

    Please suggest what do I need to do ?. Since July to October is like 3 -months, I can get an EAD ( atleast Interim ).

    So can I work on this EAD ?. What are the consequences ?. Should I re-start the whole process of Labor / I-140 / I-485 ? with the priority date of the I - 485 ?.

    I am sooo fed up with this whole process already. But I don't want to leave this now. I will get the Green Card, and then take citizenship before I leave this country

    PLease help.....
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    You should be ok if ur employer doesn't revoke ur 140 before 180 days. After that you r fine and can work with any employer of ur choice in the same field.

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  • vkmm
    01-29 12:57 PM
    I have sent you an email with my email id.

    Have you heard anything from other members yet?


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  • Bruce2000
    01-12 10:01 AM
    Thank you for your post. I call them today and they said they didn't register my information in the system but my application process will not be delayed.

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  • vijay0101
    06-21 12:13 PM
    yes still labor transfer is possible ..But you have to very carefull.. you need to find what was companys financial position at that time when labor was filled. wheather you were fullfiling your experience as required in Labor at that time... and you need to check the companys situation if it is not blaclisted by DOL.

    It is just my openion you can check with attorney's.


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  • Shrek
    07-01 04:56 PM
    Hello Experts!!!

    I need some serious advice, saw a few related threads, hence joined this forum immediately to get some help...

    My 6 years H1 B limit ends in August 2008.Stamp on I-94 is also as of Aug 08

    Question 1) Employer A filed for I-140 in October 2007. Due to some serious medical conditions I was unable to work from Nov '07 till date. My employer terminated my employment in March 2007 as I was not working then and not in a state to work either.
    I dont think Employer A has revoked my H1B coz I got my I-140 approved thru Employer A, this June (2008). Am I out of status per USCIS/INS 'on paper' ?

    Question 2) I am now capable to resume work. In June 2008 I have found Employer B. What are my chances of getting my H1B successfully transferred to Emp B. The last pay stub is as of Oct 2007. I can get a medical certificate explaining my absence from work till date.

    Question 3) Also, with Employer A's approved I-140, can I apply for a 3 year extension for Employer B since my 6 year tenure ends next month - Aug 08 ?

    Question 4) How will the entire process work. What r my chances ? If the H1 gets approved do I have to leave the country and re-stamp ? If the H1 gets approved why shud I leave the country, can I not just start work coz I have another 3 year extension becoz of the approved I-140 thru Employer A ?

    PLEASE HELP......

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  • sbmallik
    11-12 09:11 AM
    I-140 belongs to the employer only, so it is up-to them to disclose the details. Unless you change employer without using AC21 clause, I-140 details won't be necessary.


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  • chanukya
    06-05 04:06 PM
    Please keep blogging

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  • belmontboy
    04-12 03:21 PM
    I am looking for somebody who has an approved I140 in Eb2 category around Los Angeles area. I might be able to help. Los Angeles area only.
    Thank you.

    Help with what???


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  • vban2007
    05-22 03:33 PM
    Pls reply - Its urgent

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  • amsgc
    06-16 08:58 PM
    InThemoment is right. I got I-134 from my attorney for 485 filing..


    That is good information, thanks. Just one question:

    - Was the I-134 part of your I-485 application, or was it part of your dependent's?

    I am asking this because there is no instruction regarding such an affidavit in the Initial evidence section of the I-485.

    Thanks, will appreciate your response.


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  • number30
    10-31 12:37 PM
    Hi, I am in 8th year of H1b with 140 approved (EB3) from company A. I would like to switch to company B and planning to start EB2 quickly to enage a new interesting project . I have following questions related to the same and early advice from you all would be highly appreciated as am running out of time in engaging the new project.

    1. Can I do H1 transfer from company A to company B using A's 140 approval after my 6 years of original h1b quota. I am currently on 8th year of h1b.

    2. Can I able to port the priority date from company A's EB3 filing with the new EB2 filing from company B?

    3. If company A cancels the 140, still can I able to port the PD ?


    If your I-140 is approved and dates not current you can get one time three years H1 extension. Otherwise one year extension is available.
    Since your I-140 is approved You can port the priority dates even if Company A revokes the I-140

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  • Sesame
    10-03 01:21 PM
    Why? Well that is what I heard. If you are married to US citizen applying for GC, your sponse has to be in the interview.

    I don't know why you ask me why.


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  • paskal
    08-14 02:54 PM
    does it reaaaally matter?
    7 am, 8.02 am, 10.55 am....
    what's the difference?

    this is a request to you NOT to open a new thread for every mailroom guy in USCIS. there are plenty of threads tracking the receipts, what is wrong with using them? do we really need to divide ourselves on different threads by who signed the fedex receipt???

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  • gcsim
    06-07 08:25 AM

    One of my friend is here on H1b visa since six months and he wants to call his parents....will there be any issues in applying for visa as he is here since six months only. Any help will be appreciated.


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  • kirupa
    08-04 04:30 PM
    Images don't have borders, but am I correct in guessing you are referring to a virtual border that is used to let you know whether you want to resize or drag?


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  • Becks
    03-16 07:41 PM
    Your education evaluation is valid for a long period(not sure how long). I applied for my first H1 in 2000 and got education evaluation that time. Stamping didnot work out for me that time.

    I applied for new H1 in 2003 and submitted same education evaluation that I got in 2000. I entered US and used same edu eval for transferring H1. I did not have any issues.

    So you are fine. I dont know if this applies to all cases.

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  • gc_check
    01-26 09:42 PM
    If this is a duplicate thread, I apologize and admin please close/delete this.

    1) Many of us have already used AC21, The current economic condition might force us to switch job on EAD, Can we file AC21 multiple times. Has any one done this.
    2) If I do not file AC21, with new job and can we leave with the 1st employer as for future employment, Join the original employer we filed AC21 upon approval of GC, In than condition, an offer letter from the employer hold good in case of RFE.

    04-20 08:27 PM
    We have asked for an amendment to allow applicants to file for I 485 even when the dates are not current so that EAD can also be filed (which gives portability).

    Please see the link "Amendments" on home page and look for Sen. Brownback's amendment.

    01-12 06:51 PM
    I don't believe leaving the company that you had signed an I-9 form with have any impact on your GC app as long as you have a same or a similar job lined up if and when you do get an RFE regarding the same.

    As mentioned several times, GC is for future employment and you can switch employers as many times as you want under AC21 (of course you don't want to go overboard with switching employers every few months either :)).

    I hope this helps - again this is my understanding of the law and not a legal opinion.

    Does the I9 form that we sign with our company have any impact on our 485 processing if we leave the company using AC21.

    Thank you.

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