Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • nk2006
    11-06 03:09 PM
    I sure hope that it is not a denial. In any case, I am preparing for the worst and trying to save some money to pay the lawyers for an MTR...

    Hope your I485 is fine, please update us if you see any change in status or LUD's on 485. Good luck.

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  • pappu
    01-09 03:44 PM
    Small suggestion.I am looking for IV's achievements (Not Campaigns,News updates etc) in IV home page since it's started.

    I do see 1)Success with July 07 fiasco 2)2 year EAD

    We should have a link(In Home Page) to a achievements page(which we have to keep updating we achieve something) which just briefly mentions IV's achievements.

    If it is already there someone please post the link here.

    We have it in about us page if you scroll down

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  • nrk
    08-17 02:03 PM
    congrats enjoy your freedom.

    Finally got the magic email, straight to card production ordered. After 12+ years in this country and 3 labor filings

    NSC, EB2
    Priority Date - 2/3/2006
    Receipt Date - 7/2/2007
    Notice Date - 8/10/2007
    RFE - April 2009 replied promptly in a few days, status was stuck at RFE response received since then.

    Opened SR on 8/4/2010
    Filed DHS-7001 last week 8/11/2010

    hadn't heard anything back from either of the two methods above.

    Card/ Document Production

    On August 17, 2010, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.


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  • pat123
    09-22 08:18 AM
    What Pappu says is right. Ppl have been so impatient that they're bombarding USCIS with SRs, emails, letters from attorneys, Infopass etc..etc...etc...I understand the anxiety but isnt this a bit 2 much? I was no exception to this. I raised an SR on the very first day my date got current and on trying to followup on the SR the very next week, I stumbled upon a clearly tired second level IO who didn't like the way I was pushing for it. He clearly explained to me that there was no need to worry as the dates were current and everyone who was current and cleared of security would be approved as there were several visa numbers available and he also told me that there have been thousands of calls received everyday and its becoming really hard for them to handle the situation. I could see how tired and frustrated he was. I immediately understood their plight and just waited without any further action and within a span of 15 days after that call, I got my approval. My attorney also advised me to wait as he was sure the dates were gonna be current the next month as well and followups would only result in delays.

    Well I'm not saying its wrong to be anxious. Ofcourse, its an important milestone, one that secures our future in this country and yes, its only natural to be anxious. But being anxious doesn't mean that by calling or emailing or Ombudsman etc...ur case will be approved. Try and put yourselves in the IO's shoes as well. For a moment think what it wud be like to be an USCIS first lvl/second lvl IO receiving the same call every minute from a diff person and each one trying to reach the second lvl IO with lies such as my A# on file is diff than the one on 140 OR address change etc...etc...This is ridiculous. After years of wait we resort to such shameful behavior towards the end.

    Yes when others with later PDs are getting approved and u r still waiting, it does bring out frustration in u. But u should also put in thought as to why that could be. Maybe one of the security checks in ur case is awaited or maybe ur file is on some table waiting to be picked up etc...I was venting out my anger and frustration during my wait on this forum and ppl were only asking me to do that, do this blah blah blah. I just waited nevertheless as I knew the moment I spoke with the IO that there was really no point in following up as cases were getting approved and USCIS was definitely WORKING as hard as they could (even on weekends) to clear all current cases.

    There was one dumb idiot who called and spoke to the second level IO (per his own words "just to confirm") even after getting the CPO email. I mean how foolish and idiotic is that. Check this out...I'm not kidding:

    Guys, just trust USCIS now that they've been approving left and right before u login to ur email to followup or pick up ur phone to check ur status. EB2 has not moved ahead for the Oct bulletin but ppl who were current from July will still be current in Oct. What does that mean??? It simply means that USCIS is hell bent on clearing all the cases which have been current since July and my best guess is until the last of the "current" cases has been approved, the dates will be not be retrogressed.

    It is fine for you NOW that you received your GC now and "see" the plight of IO. You are drinking cool aid now under the awnings of Green card. It is now tough for you to understand the plight of the people on "this" side as you crossed over to the "other"side. It is the same old story of people who got their GC and Citizenship dont care about the people who are going to wait for dog long years. Imagine what would have you done, if you didn't receive your GC in 15 days time, i am sure that by this time you would have shaked the earth from heaven to hell by calling your senators, ombudsman, alderman, congressmen etc. Instead of giving advice to others to understand the plight of IO's, keep your emotions under check and encourage others to do their best. Do not post unnecessary comments.


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  • english_august
    07-09 07:30 PM
    Very good. Please post this message to the front page of IV.

    Core team should do that any moment now

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  • coopheal
    11-13 11:23 AM
    I am assuming they have a clerk who has been instructed to do this.
    Lets not worry about it, lets keep sending the letters

    If clerk is doing this as per instruction means, we are being noticed and that is precisely what we wanted anyways. I don�t think USCIS higher ups have any malicious intent. Whole issue may be due to lack of training of IOs.


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  • cse_us
    03-25 04:53 PM
    I knew friends in Kaiser who were hired on H1 and got GC through Kaiser..
    How the hell can they justify filing new GCs, but not accepting EAD!?

    Kaiser stopped hiring on H1 since 2003. They used to hire on EADs until last week.

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  • gc28262
    09-24 11:10 AM
    Something is screwed up.....

    Mexico has over 2000 cases in April 2001 yet its PD is May 1st 2001
    India has less 500 cases in April 2001 yet its PD is Apr 15 2001
    This along with CIS giving "bad/incorrect" data to IV is indication of someone's malicious intentions.

    I appreciate IV's effort in getting FOIA executed and now working on aftermath of it.

    For people who are angered with whats been going on in last couple of days. All I can say is to try volunteering for IV even for a month.

    The missing link is Consular Processing cases pending under DOS.


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  • sheela
    11-06 10:30 PM
    how do i check if my name is stuck in fbi namecheck or cleared? Just callin USCIS will provide the info or is there anythin to be done.

    I had applied for 485 on July 2 nd.

    You may call 1-800-375-5283 +1,2,2,6,1 enter RN, +1,1 ( listen recording), press 3, press 4 (This will take you directly to your service center), wait for IO (may take several minutes) and good luck

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  • lotsofspace
    01-26 08:58 PM
    It really is amazing how much hot air has been generated on this thread over a well established transit visa requirement.

    The list of nationals that are required to have a visa to transit the UK represents a list of countries where there has been a particular problem with over stayers. It is not race based, but merely an effort to target the problem.

    Do you seriously think the people from all the countries listed overstayed ?

    It really does not matter what anyone thinks about the transit visa requirement because it is UK law. Everyone has a choice whether or not to transit the UK. Going back to the original post, to book a ticket without researching visa requirements and then trying to deflect personal responsibility by blaming the visa requirement is ridiculous.

    The whole point of the thread is to discuss how people are treated there and merits or otherwise in choosing this place as a transit point.
    Do you see any one demanding or representing your queen to abolish this TV requirement ? If you had followed the thread most people are suggesting to avoid this place rather than to fight them. Don't you get that point ?

    How is charging different amounts for the same kind of visa and refusing to correct the mistake OP's personal responsibility ?


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    12-01 01:30 AM
    Hi all ,

    Whoever is using Vonage unlimited $24.99 or $32.XX world plan; Today I received a mail from Vonage .

    > Thank you for using Vonage as your Internet telephony provider.
    > In the course of Vonageb
    > Please reply this email or call 1-(866)-254-3704 (Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST) so that we may discuss your rate plan. If no response is received within 72 business hours, I will need to change your account to the Small Business Premium Unlimited Plan at $49.99 per month plus tax. Your international calls will be billed at the corresponding per minute rate for the destination you are calling. You may view these rates by visiting:
    > Vonage - International Per-Minute Rates (
    > Please be advised that if no response is received by December 7th, your account may face suspension or an immediate change in rate plan.
    > Please review the Vonage Residential Terms of Service section 5.4 below.
    > 5.4 Inconsistent with Normal Use.
    > If you use the service or the device in a way that is inconsistent with the normal use for your service or plan, you will be required, at Vonage's sole discretion, to pay the rates for the service or plan that would apply to the way you used the service or device, or terminate the plan. For example, if you subscribe to one of our residential service plans, and your usage is inconsistent with normal residential use, you may thereafter be required to pay our applicable, higher rates for commercial service for all periods in which your use of our service or the device was inconsistent with normal residential use. Unlimited voice services are provided primarily for continuous live dialog between two individuals. Lack of continuous dialog activity, unusual call patterns, excessive numbers and/or consistent excessive usage (i.e., More than 5,000 minutes per line per month for unlimited residential calling and/or more than 10,000 minutes per line per month for unlimited small busine
    > ss calling), will be considered indicators that use may be inconsistent with normal use, or that impermissible use may be occurring and may trigger an account review by us. The creation or use of related multiple accounts or excessive residential lines to circumvent these levels shall also be considered indicators that use of the service may be inconsistent with normal use for the subscribed monthly plan(s) and may trigger an account review by Vonage. Failure to contact Vonage in response to its notifications and/or failure to promptly correct usage activity to conform to normal use will result, in Vonage's sole discretion, in immediate mandatory transfer to another appropriate plan, suspension or termination of service. You acknowledge that if your service is terminated under this provision, you are subject to all applicable disconnection and device or other rebate recovery charges. Vonage's right to terminate your account under Section 6.5(b) (with or no reason) is not lim
    > ited by this provision. For a non-exhaustive list of example!
    > s of use
    > s of our service inconsistent with normal residential use, see below.
    > b
    > b
    > b
    > If you have any questions, please reply to this email or contact me at 1-(866)-254-3704.
    > Sincerely,
    > Vonage Usage Department
    > Revenue Operations
    > 1-(866)-254-3704

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  • CADude
    10-03 05:46 PM
    Some member are asking for TSC Fax#

    TSC I485 Dept Fax# 214-962-2632, 214-962-5441

    Good Luck.


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  • gans
    09-24 05:41 PM
    Are we missing another important information in the calculations here? Taken from the visa bulletin - "2. Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets an annual minimum family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000. The worldwide level for annual employment-based preference immigrants is at least 140,000. Section 202 prescribes that the per-country limit for preference immigrants is set at 7% of the total annual family-sponsored and employment-based preference limits, i.e., 25,620. The dependent area limit is set at 2%, or 7,320."

    For example, in the case of India, there cannot be more than 25620 [7%(226000+140000)] + 7320 [2%(226000+140000)] = 32940 green cards/year (excepting the spill-overs) inclusive of family and employment based categories (and their different quotas).

    I guess, unless we get the numbers for family-based applications, similar to EB-485 that has just been released, the conclusions are based on approximations and assumptions, although I wish to point out how much I have learned and appreciate all the analysis here.

    Because, if there can only be 32940 green cards for all people (family + employment) from India in a particular year(excepting the spill-overs), the employment-based green cards alone are 1960(EB4) + 1960(EB5) + 8008(EB1) + 8008(EB2) + 8008(EB3) = 27944. Does it mean that there are only 32940-27944=4996 family based green cards for India/year (excepting the spill-overs)? And also, I believe that family-based has a higher priority than employment-based as a result of which the spill-overs are larger for the former.

    Does anyone seem to agree with me?

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  • ram_ram
    01-03 12:24 PM
    That is good news.
    Thanks for all your efforts..SunJoshi.

    I got a letter from Cong Tom Price (Rep- GA) saying that the immigration clauses in the Budget Reconciliation Bill did not make it. But he will try to push for those clauses in the immigration bills in 2006.

    I got the same message from his DC staff, when I called to follow-up.


    Edited by admin. No personal names please. Only screen names.


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  • abuddyz
    01-28 04:55 PM
    I came across a couple who got their H1B approvals last yr with in 3 weeks to each other. One of them was in PIMS and other one not. So I feel approval date does not seem to be a criteria to base these delays upon.:confused:

    Good Luck to everyone including myself!:(

    both H1 were approved from the same USCIS center? the one which is stuck in PIMS, which service center it was?

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  • Mahatma
    08-09 02:28 PM
    My idea for presenting my views on NAME CHECK and PROGRAMMING problem is to REACH TO TRUTH as Mahatma Gandhi always preferred. I may be wrong also. Your views and comments would help improve this debate.

    If my suspicion is true, then this (programming blunder) would be a CODE BREAKER. I got this idea bacuse of my background in genomics and bioinformatics. For example, if a gene sequence is not done well and there are some errors, gene database may erroneously show wrong HITS. This is the reason why gene sequencing is done throughly and accurately to avoid wrong interpretation. For example, simple error could mean nothing or a million dollar discovery.

    If phoenetic program is appied to Davids and Johns, there would be countless hits. While they do not permit spelling error in your name during adjudication then why do they want to play with different spellings of your name??


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  • gc_maine2
    08-07 11:20 AM
    Very well said. Thats what they do once they GC, there motto is " I want GC and Nobody else should get it". Sad very sad......

    Ths poll should be changed to

    Do you want to turn into an anti-immigrant when you get your greencard?
    Yes I am in
    No I am out

    Shame on those who votes yes.

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  • va_dude
    08-26 11:51 AM
    I think having vonage is more than just about calling india and the calculated rate of a call per minute.

    It gives the customer a home phone too. Remember not every household functions with only cell phones.

    So for the convenience of having a home phone and being able to use that same phone for international calls too and getting just one flat rate bill for the whole thing is certainly of value to consumers.

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  • apnair2002
    01-24 07:56 PM
    This is not good news. We dont know what happens in the next few weeks. Immigration is not a very high priority for everybody. The closer we go to elections the more the chances for other issues to creep into schedule. I hope they will atleast attach unused VISA numbers to some bill and tackle the immigration beast when they intend to.

    01/24/2006: AILA Reports Push-Back of Senate Comprehensive Immigration Reform Debate Schedules

    AILA reported last week that the Senate Judiciary Committee could start immigration reform debates as early as February 2, but now it reports that the Senate Committee action on immigration legislation may be pushed back until later in February or perhaps into March.
    There are a few immigration portals in the community that monitor and share opinions and news on the comprehensive immigration reform legislation. The following three sites are particularly helpful:,,
    We will post the summary of the pending comprehensive immigration bills shortly. Please stay tuned

    06-25 12:42 PM
    IV members have saved you a lot of money on attorney phone calls, getting answers to medical test questions and other general questions. Please contribute to IV so that we can keep this effort going. While everybody is busy collecting documents and paperwork for 485, core IV again is doing there personal paperwork and + lobbying.
    Please contribute, especially if you are new and never contributed. Please do not be a freeloader and get your questions answered and run away.

    09-23 07:26 PM
    Is 28.6% india Quota??. out of the 140K

    I thought each EB category could get upto 28.6% of 140000 = 40000 visas every fiscal year. So if EB1 uses up 5000 and EB2 takes the remaining 35000 and its annual allotment of 40000, EB3 does not get any spillover.


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