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  • arnab221
    01-12 05:51 PM
    My Wife kindly agreed to write the letter. They are on their way to the White house and California IV .

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  • TNMan
    05-09 10:49 PM
    Maybe we can use the H-1 B reform bill, to recapture unused visas during the last many years. Make H-1 B tough but at the same time, release those green card numbers. Carrot and Stick approach.

    You are correct.

    Reform H1-B

    1)Make H1-B independent of employer. THis way all these PIMPS (desi consulting companies) don't exploit us.

    2)Make Green card independent of employer. Give green card if your period of employement in US is > some years (UK style)

    3)Make H1-B processing times to mere days and make it stricter where in genunire companies apply (not desi dalals or shitholes like infosys,tcs,wipro, satyam)

    3)THe above thing is most improtant since it gives H1-B to genuinine companies or not some fake expeirence guy sitting in a famous city in India

    4)Please really scrutinise L1s. They are the one who are responsible for lower salaries and taking the jobs away from USA to India.

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  • gc28262
    09-04 03:26 PM
    Here is the taxes for Lingo service for VA.

    Federal Taxes & Fees: 0.36
    Universal Services: 4.64
    State Taxes & Surcharges: 3.37
    County/Local Taxes: 0.00
    Presubscribed Inter-exchange Carrier Chrg: 0.00
    Regulatory Recovery Fee for XXXXX 1.99
    Emergency Services Fee for XXXXXX 1.99
    Total Fees, Taxes & Surcharges: 12.35

    Talked to lingo Customer Service now.
    When existing customers change to the new Max plan, they have to sign up for a new 2 year contract.
    Also have to wait till the next billing cycle for the plan to take effect.

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  • thakurrajiv
    11-21 07:55 AM
    I was asking for Ideas.. it is not just Kumar or some more people giving an idea that one should leave the house if the value of the house has gone down and now you have to move because of ur job and it is hard selling ur house where u may have to bear a loss ..
    I already had conversation with american people ( not any desi's) in my office and they also had the same opinion as to leave a house if u have to leave because of job..
    U tell me how wise it is to give a loan to a person without a down payment..The reason i said that other people are stupid is because.. i took an ARM loan of 5 years,, where i knew that i am not going to live in the house for more than 3 years and will later sell it..and there are people who knew that they are going to stay in the same house for more than their ARM period.. but didnt realize that they wont be able to make payment once the rate is re-adjusted.. i am calling those people's decision as stupid..
    about me making a bad decision about buying a house.. well not 2 years ago..
    i can sell the house for a loss of may be 20,000.. but why should i pay that money from my pocket.. i can keep that in my savings account and use it in my bad time..
    Well you seem to have same attitude problem as others in this situation. When people were making profit they were thankful, and now banks/system is there to blame.
    Let's see how you are not different from those "stupid" people. Keyword here is "greed". You got greedy and bought house bcoz it will appreciate. People who knew they will be living for more than 5 yrs got ARM bcoz they have to pay less/month(max. leverage), house will appreciate and/or they can refinance when time comes. Do you see any similarity ??? So please stop using derogatory words like "stupid". Banks were lending bcoz they were greedy. All the parties have one thing in common greed.
    Ok, coming back to your case. I do not have any experience with foreclosure. From your post it seems like you are losing $20k. Well this does not seem a very big amount. Consider the impact of foreclosure, bad credit will mean you will not get any loan. It will be tough to get auto or any other credit. You carry risk with background checks. I think the lending standards will get tough going forward which means you don't know for how long you will not qualify for home. In my opinion, if you have 20k and it is matter of losing some savings, not going to foreclosure looks better option.
    I hope you will learn to own up to your own mistakes, it will only make you better person in life. Good luck.


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  • lskreddy
    11-20 12:40 PM
    I am sure you must have thought a lot before the 'foreclosure' came into your mind. Here is an advice. If there is not too much that you will have to put out from your own pocket, then it is better to take the hit and move on.

    If you do foreclose, it might not be the best for credit history as well as in some random cases, job search. Jobs usually do a background check and that includes credit check in some cases as well. I hope it has no bearing but in some cases can. I don't think it will have any impact on your GC. Even if you don't have plans to buy a house, there are far more things that can impact. None of us want to live on credit but in US it is almost a necessary evil. Car, credit cards and the other nine yards that come with it also become scarce for the next few years. So, tread carefully.

    Have you discussed with your bank? Foreclosure is a huge hit for the bank and they may be able to work with you on what you owe.

    All the best.

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  • wellwishergc
    02-24 02:35 PM
    Pages 245 and 246 includes recapture clause

    From a quick glance, I see all the provisions talked about in various bills for EB category except for recapture of unused visas. Very broad markup.


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  • krishmunn
    03-29 11:00 AM
    Teddy, any update to predictions based on the current status of availablity of EB1 ?

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  • ilwaiting
    07-01 11:12 AM
    Why is this a risk? We are doing what we are supposed to do. Send packages based on our dates being current. If USCIS/DOS screws the dates we slap them with a law suit.

    After such mad rush and bad news about visa bulletin revision? How many are considering to file on July 2nd and July 3rd? What is the general advice regarding filing from lawyers and oneself about sending documents on July 2nd and July 3rd?

    My lawyer is sending through FedEx - overnight delivery - going there on July 3rd. My worry - Is it a huge risk on my part? What happens if Monday morning it is revised, or worst Tuesday it is revised?

    How many are risking on this??


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  • pani_6
    08-22 07:14 PM
    Its very very critcal that this things pass..else..EB-3 jump ship to SOS

    It is unfortunate that people don't even try to understand the issue and just go about complaining it.
    Most people can't even differentiate between what is law and what is not. What are difficult things to accomplish and what are not.

    It is absolutely imperative that 5882 pass otherwise the situation will continue to exist.
    Here are the my estimated waits for EB3-I
    PD(end of the calendar year) and its corresponding wait in years
    2001 1 year
    2002 3 years
    2003 4 years (Bad economy in 2002 and early 2003)
    2004 7 years (Case surge in 2003 and 2004 due to booming economy)
    2005 8 years (fewer cases in 2005 due to PERM)
    2006 10 years
    2007 12 years
    2008 .....

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-01 01:21 PM
    I would not trust the lawyers in any of this, because their analysis will be superficial and not even close compared to what we see here. We have around 4-5 different folks here doing some really good sound analysis, so unless it's a lawyer known to historically make accurate predictions, I wouldn't care less about their say.

    Lawyer is sharing info that some of their client have got fee invoice from NVC. I have done family based application through NVC for my parents and I know you get fees invoice almost 4 months prior to your GC interview date. So lawyer is thinking that NVC is thinking to go upto Nov 2007 in case if CIS fails to act on enough cases in last months.


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  • gdilla
    05-23 11:30 AM
    Canadian EB3, just became current. Company lawyer preffers I-485 vs Consular Processing (CP) because it's "safer". Does anyone have experience with Canadian CP? How fast is it? Is it a hassle or is it straightforward?

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  • kvrr
    08-17 09:09 AM

    Received CPO mail today for self, wife and son.

    EB2 - India PD Oct 24 2005. NSC
    I-485 receipt date: Sept 14 2007.
    Opened SR on 08/09/2010


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  • hope_4_best
    05-26 07:35 PM
    One of the information required in I-485 form is:-
    C. List your present and past membership in or affilation with every organization , association, fund....

    I am currently a member of the below listed service oriented/not for profit organizations.


    Do I need to tell about them?

    Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.

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  • pop
    01-19 10:57 PM
    Godbless, I am sure you can get your post 6 years H-1B extension based on the Cornin and new Aytes memo of 12-5-2006. Can you ask your lawyer whether it is possible to file your H-1B extension after 01/26/2007 but BEFORE June 2007 or it must be filed before the expiry of your parolee I-94? Also, you said the Immigration Officer at the POE did not let you use your H visa but the AP. Is it because you showed him both of your H-1B visa and AP? If you did not show the AP, he would probably let you enter with the H-1B visa, right?


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  • laborlabor
    01-19 10:54 AM
    Any member from IIT Bombay, please contact me ASAP.

    We have a very important lead to work with.

    Is this forum only for people from IIT who are stuck in labor... ...wonder why would that be the case.

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  • purplehazea
    05-09 11:56 AM

    It makes sense to file concurrently only when PD is current. Otherwise it is like applying for your citizenship before getting your GC!

    In other words I do not understand why your lawyer wants you to file concurrently when your PD is not current. Just to collect his fees? Maybe. He is at least right aboout the fact that USCIS will do nothing with your I485 application unless your PD is current. So I would just wait till your PD is current. You can still file for your I140 and wait for that to get processed.


    I am not an attorney, so you will appreciate that any reliance is at your will.


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  • chanduv23
    11-13 11:38 AM
    If clerk is doing this as per instruction means, we are being noticed and that is precisely what we wanted anyways. I don�t think USCIS higher ups have any malicious intent. Whole issue may be due to lack of training of IOs.

    I agree. They may not have any malicious intent. But it is surprising that such things have been happening for 8 years, everyone talk about it, community gets shit scared and willing to compromise on jobs - accepting fate - going through problems, but no one was interested in moving a step forward and try to address this.

    In my opinion, we are not there yet, but are making good progress. We need a lot of letters to go out so that they understand how much this is impacting us, especially hard working immigrants who ply by the rules.

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  • sam_hoosier
    08-07 02:49 PM
    Most GC approved this month so far has gone to people with PD 2006.

    Where did you get that from ? :confused:

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  • gans
    09-24 05:41 PM
    Are we missing another important information in the calculations here? Taken from the visa bulletin - "2. Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets an annual minimum family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000. The worldwide level for annual employment-based preference immigrants is at least 140,000. Section 202 prescribes that the per-country limit for preference immigrants is set at 7% of the total annual family-sponsored and employment-based preference limits, i.e., 25,620. The dependent area limit is set at 2%, or 7,320."

    For example, in the case of India, there cannot be more than 25620 [7%(226000+140000)] + 7320 [2%(226000+140000)] = 32940 green cards/year (excepting the spill-overs) inclusive of family and employment based categories (and their different quotas).

    I guess, unless we get the numbers for family-based applications, similar to EB-485 that has just been released, the conclusions are based on approximations and assumptions, although I wish to point out how much I have learned and appreciate all the analysis here.

    Because, if there can only be 32940 green cards for all people (family + employment) from India in a particular year(excepting the spill-overs), the employment-based green cards alone are 1960(EB4) + 1960(EB5) + 8008(EB1) + 8008(EB2) + 8008(EB3) = 27944. Does it mean that there are only 32940-27944=4996 family based green cards for India/year (excepting the spill-overs)? And also, I believe that family-based has a higher priority than employment-based as a result of which the spill-overs are larger for the former.

    Does anyone seem to agree with me?

    07-09 06:36 PM D&vgnextchannel=1958b0aaa86fa010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    USCIS Director Emilio Gonzalez, has become a member of IV...Or he started reading our posts in this forum

    03-12 12:53 PM
    very well written..

    What do you want to say looking at the horrible response in the last 7-8 posts. You posted thrice, I think.
    I have created a new thread just now while you updated this thread., It is "Lets start writing to Ms. Zoe etc..".
    So please start doing something,.. No need to wait for any action plan.. just keep writing..
    I just created that thread with very good content and statistics. I still dont see it come online.. Lets focus on that.

    the content in that post is as below:

    Zoe's addresses are:

    Priority Date : xx/xx/xxxx
    District Office
    635 North 1st Street, Suite B
    San Jose, CA 95112
    Telephone (408) 271-8700

    Washington, D.C. Office
    102 Cannon HOB
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Telephone (202) 225-3072

    Sub: Legal immigrants Quota Problem: Employment based EB2, EB3

    Dear Ms. Zoe,

    This is to once again thank you for your continuous efforts in making things move in the legal immigration front.
    We would once again thank you and request you to bring HR 5882 to the table and hence help people waiting for so long get immediate relief. We think this is the best time to do it as there are so many waiting in long queues for so long and are unable to buy houses though they are at rock bottom prices now, or change companies as some of us would also like to, and start new companies and jobs. There are very much needed in this time of economic crisis.

    The problem is mainly due to country based quotas and wastage of many greencards due to administrative delays over the years, as you know. This can easily be fixed with a simple administrative action and need not need to be done as part of the bigger comprehensive immigration bill. We too need a change.

    Below are some statistics and details of the problem, just in case you missed a point.

    1. High technology H1-B visas allowed into US = 85,000 H1B per year.
    2. H1B quota limit per country = None, quota limits.
    3. Greencard eligible candidates = All H1B holders
    4. Total Employment Greencards = 145,000 per year.
    5. Quota limits for greencards = 7% per country and each family member is counted as 1 visa.
    6. H1 holders from India = 30,000 to 40,000 per year.
    7. Greencards available for India by quota limits = 2000 � 3000 per year.
    8. People waiting in Queues = 37,000 � 38,000 per year.
    9. Estimated wait = 10- 15 years per life.
    10. Estimated loss of productivity = unlimited.
    11. Loss of health and health related issues due to these worries = incalculable.

    1. EB3 Employment based category from India is severely backlogged,
    2. Number of applicants in Queues waiting to buy house = 300,000
    3. Number of applicants in Queues buying a house now = 0.
    4. Money spent by applicants on rent per year = $6 billion
    5. Number of applicants having Citizen children born in US = 80%
    6. Number of applicants unable to start own companies(as they are tied to employer all the time due to greencard sponsorship)
    = 30-40%
    7. Applicants disappointed and leaving US = 10-15%
    8. Applicants planning to come back after retirement who take with them US Citizens who will sponsor them = everybody who is leaving US right now with Citizen kids
    9. Burden on social security and healthcare by applicants in point 7 = billions of dollars.
    10. Severe pain for everyone wasting time on worries and uncertainity.
    11. Many people thinking of returning back, very disappointed.

    Please provide immediate relief. We are still holding our bags in hands even after 5-10 years of playing it by law after applying for greencards. Please respect liberty and freedom and let that happen to legal applicants.
    1. Please remove country quotas for greencards immediately to make waiting less for legal employer based EB2/EB3 applicants from India in long queues ALREADY in US for years.
    2. This needs No new jobs or Visas. It�s just a simple fix to help bring joy to some legal immigrants and give them freedom to contribute more.
    3. Please provide greencards for any legal employment based applicant who lived in US for atleast 5 years and is waiting for more than 5 years and paid taxes and live like a good American Citizen.
    4. Please provide Citizenship for anyone who lived in US for 10 years and played by the rules all the time and paid taxes.
    5. This will help people buy houses that are so cheap now which will pump in $40 billion even if 50% people buy houses.
    6. Construction jobs increase as people start buying houses.
    7. Manufacturing and auto industry improves as people start buying cars again due to renewed confidence. Else they continue to adjust with their old cars for now.
    8. A fee of $1000-$3000 can be applied for premium processing which can generate $1.5 billion instantly.
    9. Stop the distribution of 50000 diversity greencards lottery per year immediately. This is bad in the current times, when people are waiting in legal queues for ever.
    10. Issue greencards immediately to anyone who did PhD in US and to Masters Students.. They will be more productive if you help here.
    11. Please don�t wait for CIR to have these. This is a small admin fix, no new visas or jobs.
    Please let us feel respected for playing by the rules. It will come back to the American people in full gratitude in the form of jobs and renewed vigor.
    A positive action in this regard will be very highly appreciated.
    God Bless America!
    Thank you very much for your kind attention,
    Category : Employment based EB3 greencard category.
    Priority Date : xx/xx/xxxx

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