Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • Milind123
    01-24 03:56 PM
    Looks like they forgot to ask to attach the following :):):):)

    1) Copies of all your certificates
    2) Your latest offer letter
    3) Pay stubs for last six months
    4) Tax returns
    5) Letter of introduction from the employer
    6) Latest Resume
    7) 3 Recommendation letters
    8) Family photo with Mother, Father, spouse, kids , siblings. While background, taken less than 6 months ago. Frontal view :)

    Avoid them at all costs....

    Good one. But don't give those fools any more ideas. They have already started a new project to incorporate the above "points" in their next version.

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  • desi485
    11-18 03:41 PM
    The glitch is - once you have started using EAD and you apply for h1 - you have to get it stamped before you can use it ie your h1 approval comes without a i 94 extension - the costs towards going out - getting visa appointment , stamping etc.... are to be considered, and remember stamping in Canada and Mexico is not easy these days.

    Chandu, what if a person has used only 4 out of total 6 years of H1 period. Still it needs stamping?

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  • h1techSlave
    03-26 01:59 PM
    I am only seeing only 100% illegal discrimination in these scenarios. Pretty soon, they will stop hiring US citizes of Indian (or Chines or Japanese or Italians ..) origin.

    This is plain stupidity. These employers should first take a good look at an EAD and a GC. As for as work authorization is concerned, both these cards provide us with the same rights. The EAD says �The person identified is authorized to work in the US for the validity of this card� where as the GC says �The person identified by the card is authorized to work and remain in the US�.

    So why does the legal department come into picture here? Is it because of the expiry date associated with EAD�s? If that�s the case even a GC has got an expiration date (a later date maybe). Does that mean that an additional budget is required to hire GC holders?

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  • Kalpen
    06-26 10:48 AM
    Both me and my wife are here on H1-B visas. I am filing 485 on my own without a lawyer. My wife is going to be my dependent. I have 2 questions:

    Do we both need to fill out I-485s or should I attach a copy of my I-485 alongwith my wife's documents?
    Also, does anyone have a sample covering letter for I-485 application?

    Please reply ASAP.


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  • brshankar
    08-07 11:56 AM
    Yes, my GC is in Peril and thats exactly what I am trying to do...


    Looks like Rolling_Flood has not yet voted on this poll. I thought he will be the first Yes for this poll.

    Are you guys planning to file separate lawsuits?

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  • Canadian_Dream
    11-26 01:57 PM
    Here is a list of things you can do to protect and improve you cash cushion (and may be avoid foreclosure)

    1. If you drive one of those luxury cars that cost upwards of 25K and have paid it off. Get rid of it now. These cars depreciate more in dollar terms compared to cheaper cars. Buy a less expensive, no frill used car for 9-10K, put the difference in bank. That might bring in 10K of much needed cash. Even if you have not paid it off look for deals to sell and reduce your monthly payments.

    2. Open an account at quicken online ( it is free. Connect your banks and monitor ALL your expenses carefully. Find out what portion of spending is discretionary and cut down on it.

    3. Hunt coupons, shop at Costco/Walmart (even if you hate the shopping experience). Avoid brand names and stick to Kirkland/Great Value. This might save you in monthly expenses.

    4. Also, you can add cash by working part-time. I am not talking about those hard to come software moonlighting jobs. Any job that pays 10-12 an hour will add 12 x 4hr x 5days x 4 Weeks = $960 per month.

    5. If you live in a duplex with a bathroom/bedroom downstairs, you can rent it to someone from local college/university. Underbid by quoting super low rent on craigslist and you can get $400-500 per month.

    6. Use online services like LegalZoom (or Prepaid legal from work) to prepare contracts for rentals etc.

    7. Cut down on travel/eating out and anything that you can live without. A little cash could go a long way.

    Also, when it is hard to stay put and make payments, always remember there is a silver lining in owning a house too. If there is a hyper inflation (which is very likely) rents will sky rocket and salary might go up to keep pace with it, but your home mortgage frozen in time for next 20-30 years will remain unchanged and you could potentially have lower monthly expenses compared to renters. That's a bright side of staying put.

    Hope things workout for you. Good Luck.


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  • cbpds
    04-05 04:08 PM
    One might get a better answer from this thread

    Donor Forum: Analysis for EB2IC based on new..

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  • rcr_bulk
    08-25 03:56 PM
    Ask them to connect you to the head/Senior executive. I did the same thing with my local cable+phone and was connected to a the head of their customer Service. That person connected me to more senior marketing person. That marketing person called me and emailed me to discuss. The company had no idea about Vonage plan and seemed unprepared to have a strategy to stop the exodus of its customers to Vonage.

    All of you can do the same. When more people do it, it will generate market demand and customer demand that money hungry capitalist companies cannot ignore. If you do not do it, then one company will have monopoly over this market.
    I agree.


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  • hope_4_best
    05-26 06:23 PM
    Hi Friends,
    I am in the process of filling I-485 form and got the following question, can you please help?

    My stamped visa expired 1 year back and I am currently with H1B approval notice. In the 2nd page of I-485 form, under Part 3. Processing Information, I am wondering what I need to fill for the following columns.

    1. Nonimmigrant visa number: Is this the EAC number of my current I797 or the visa number from my expired visa?. If it is from the expired visa, there are multiple numbers in the visa stamp, which one is the visa number?

    2.Consulate where visa was issued: Is it the name of the consulate issued my last visa or Department?

    3.Date visa isssued: Is this is the date of last visa issued or the approval date of my current I797

    Thanks advance for all your valuable suggestions.

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  • vbkris77
    04-01 11:38 AM
    Don't drag me into this.. It is totally cool if you want get information from multiple sources.. IV intention is not to provide news updates..

    IV is a platform for fixing legal immigration.. That takes money to do that.. So there various innovative ways an organization can try get money to reach its goals.. This is one way..

    I support and understand this initiate and hence I am writing in Donor forum..

    I am not sure if u were born as an idiot or became an idiot after being turning a so called "donor".
    To be frank I stopped contributing as and when IV started having donor forums.

    There are thousands of websites and forums througout the internet to get info and what VKBris posted may not even come close to what Q and Teddy and so many others used to share as a group.

    Now coming on to freebies,What benefit does IV provide to past contributors.I have contributed in the past, have been active at the initial stages,have spent my own money and booked airtickets to meet senators.Been a leader in a state chapter.But later realised that it was not worth for this forum which has partitions among so called donors.

    Why the heck does any one want to see in a home page about posts on a donor forum.Just hide it and keep it among yourself and discuss .

    Now red may follow,and a possible ban.


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  • prashantc
    01-29 10:41 AM
    AP can be used to re-enter and you can continue on your H1 if it is valid. Your H1 is invalidated only if you use EAD.
    I just came back to US using AP, I had booked an appointment for Visa interview. But after seeing the PIMS mess I decided to use AP. It was very smooth and easy.

    A question though: is'nt it abandoning your H1B1 visa tenure if you enter on AP even with a valid H1B remaining?[/QUOTE]
    Well good for you that you could use AP. We had AP ourselves, but I wanted to use the remaining H1B period, hence the big mistake. Now the only way to use AP is to withdraw our visa applications, get the passports, and fly back. I will resort to this ifthe passports are not returned by the coming weekend. Chennai consulate sucks!!

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  • Big Tom
    07-01 10:49 AM
    So, even if USCIS now decides to stop processing/approving AOS based on the limited number of available visa - my understaning is that "we" are at least on top of the list and once visa become available again, the AOS will be approved - so, in worst case another three to four months wait? After five years of processing time(s) I can live with that...

    Another question that came up was once the AOS was not approved, do you have to file again or does the current dis-approval have any negative effect on the process (except for of course the wait time)?



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  • gbof
    08-18 11:34 AM

    Ya, journey ended well.

    .... If there is any sequence after Approvals, expect it this way: CPO/approval ADIT/Welcome mail (mail), Post decision/ Last processing Action= this is the date they mail cards and check/hope to find cards in mail box in 3-4days (DON'T discard as they look so very ordinary envelope....)

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  • BharatPremi
    09-24 01:51 PM
    Excellent Analysis.



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  • venetian
    08-19 11:16 AM
    Congrats ans wishes to those who got their approvals.

    Reading thru the forum I found there different status for approvals, some say they status was changed to 'Decision' with a msg new permanent resident status is registered and others say CPO email, I presume CPO as Card Production Ordered. I think both are different statuses, can some one please explain why some get 'Decision' and others get CPO directly.

    Mine is still pending, just wanted to know as expecting the magic mail any time, since I did everything I could to expedite the approval.

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  • makemygc
    01-24 10:20 PM
    I share the same feelings but I think you are still the lucky one since I paid those TV money and went through a horrific experience travelling through Heathrow Airport. I've posted my experience on IV site but let me put that again for the benefits of other readers.

    I had to travel through UK because I trapped into buying a cheaper ticket through Air India without realizing that UK does not recongize Advanced Parole and you have to purchage Transit Visa, even if your plan is just going to land there and you may not come out of the plane. Anyways I did that mistake and paid for my DATV fees. That was only the start of my sufferings. After going through all the security checks on JFK airport, we were surprised when all the passengers from Air India were asked to de-board the plane and go through the security checks again. There were more than 150 passengs in a plane and you can imagine all going though a security check again. On top of that, we were allowed only 1hr 40 mins to complete the security process. With more than 150 people, it almost took our entire time in the security check with no time to go for rest room, coffer or just sit and relax a bit. For young ones it was still ok to stand in a queue for such a long but for all the old people flying it was just a nightmare if you have not asked for the wheel chair.

    It does not end here. Even though you are allowed a cabin baggage and a person item like purse, camera etc. Moment we de-boarded the plane at heathrow, a bitch-looking lady asked us to stuff all our personal items in our cabin baggage while we were going through the security checks. I asked her why she is asking us to do that since we need to take out our personal item again once we pass the security and there was seriously no point in that. Her words were "SHUT UP AND END OF DISCUSSION". I told her that we are not flying free and this is the last time I'm flying through your country. I hope not everyone in UK is like this bitch. I also talked to Air India official and I was told that due to all these reasons Air India will be flying directly to Delhi from Feb onwards.

    We had to go through the same experience again when we came back from India and I took an oath of not flying through UK again.

    I'm not sure why Indian diplomats or Air India official has done nothing about it. I do not understand the reason for their weaknesses. I guess time is not far when London official will realize their mistake when every airlines will start flying directly to Asia.


    I had the misfortune of travelling thru London in December on my way to Mumbai. After I purchased my tickets, I learnt that I need a transit visa (TV) for UK. (Who is going to tell them (UK) that they are no longer the center of attraction esp. if you have lived and worked in US). Anyway, as per the rules, you need a transit visa if you don�t have a valid US visa. (Note: If you have AP, and don�t have a valid visa, you still need a TV).

    I went to their site and did all the research to get a TV. Good god Heavens! Has anyone filled out their painful form for a TV? Besides asking the usual details, they get extremely nosy. They want to know each and everything about you. Where you work, what money do you make, name of your wife, kids and their citizenship status, name of your father and mother and where they were born, their birth date, how much money you have and where the money is (stocks, bonds, CDS) etc. etc. While filling up the form I realized that, even my future father in law did not pose so many probing questions to me. (Please note: I don�t mind answering these silly questions for a regular visa, but for the damn TV, it is certainly overkill).

    Anyway to cut the long story short. The regular cost of TV is/was $92. However, when I filled up the application form they were asking for $184. (The satisfaction of getting a good deal on the tickets was quickly evaporating). I assumed I must have made a mistake in thinking the cost to be $92 and reluctantly paid $184. Next it was time to fill the application for my wife and answer the idiotic questions again. You should have seen the �I will kill you right now� look on my wife�s face after I woke her up in the middle of night and asked details about her parents. After I filled up the form, to my surprise, now they were asking $274 for visa fees. It was already 2:00 am and I have no choice but to painfully enter my credit card details, hoping that they would realize the mistake in their recon process and would reimburse the difference. (Of course, I was only dreaming).

    It is now almost the end of January and I have still now received any money from them. I have tried sending several email to the emb(ass)y, but none of their emails work. I get bounced email for all the emails that I have used. I have tried calling them and left messages and no one has called back. I have send emails to my credit card company and the people who processed the payment and none of them have been able to help me. There is a way to talk to someone in the emb(ass)y, but you need to dial a 900 number, which BTW costs $2.49 per minute. Throwing good money after bad is not an option.

    I just wanted to share this experience with you and remind you of the pain ahead, if you are travelling thru UK and don�t have a valid US visa. Personally, even if they had charged me the regular $92, I will still use other options to travel next time. The amount of time wasted in filling the crappy application form, going to NY, (starting Dec doing your finger prints) is simply too much to handle. Visiting your motherland/fatherland is a very special occasion and all these intermediate steps certainly water down the �good feeling� that you experience during the days leading to your trip.

    I haven�t given up my quest for a refund, but now, not only I want my money back I would like to bring back home the Koh-i-noor too.


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  • seekerofpeace
    10-09 09:46 PM
    My wife got the approval on Oct 5th...CPO mail was first followed by approval notice and I also got a CPO mail after 35 days of approval....strange and surreal it seems

    I may be wrong since my wife's case was separated.....But this was from my congressman's office who told me that the reason that her case is pending and delayed is because our case got separated during adjudication.



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  • kalkix
    08-13 12:45 AM
    Lets find out who waited the longest, and felicitate him/her.

    14 years of wait is over......

    Came to USA in 1996 on H1....

    ... almost exactly 14 years after I came to the US as a student....

    I found 3 umar kaidis. (14 yrs is a life term in indian penal system).

    Who is the senior most of these 3?

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  • lazycis
    10-16 08:55 PM
    One idea is to give GC to AOS applicants regardless of namecheck result, if all
    other security checks are OK and let the namecheck run in background . If the namecheck turns out critical , cancel the GC & deport the applicant.
    But USCIS and lawyers will loose big time , because of reduced demand for APs,EADs etc.

    This is exactly as Congress intended it to be. There is no mandatory requirement to complete NC before GC can be issued in the INA. There is a provision to cancel GC in the INA.

    06-18 01:25 PM

    Both, me and my wife have approved I-140 through two seperate consulting companies.

    Can we apply for I-485 individually and add the other as dependant at the same time?


    09-11 08:22 PM
    Called Up and Left Voice Mails
    Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.)202- 225-5811
    Dan Lungren (R-Calif.)202- 225-5716
    Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) 202-225-5911
    Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.)202- 225-4176

    Can anyone Please update the final list of all the supporters and non suppoerters so that we can focus only on Non Supporters as of now.

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