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  • Praveen20
    09-12 11:36 AM

    According to numberusa the committe could resume consideration of the bills at it next schedule meeting on Sep 16. So don't stop calling.

    We need to be on the top of the issue with Oct Visa dates.


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  • prashantc
    01-31 11:35 AM
    Thanks for all your good wishes. I am praying for all of you, you will hear the good news soon.

    Hi, Virginia_desi, perhaps my observation and moral was a bit pre-fetched. But based on two big forums (IV, Murthy), Indian consulates are the only ones that reportedly delay passport deliveries by more than 10 days for some cases. I have not read a single first hand experience (not friend tales) talking about 30 days delays at any other posts. I did read about a 7 days delay at London, but that was it.

    Hopefully the PIMS system will stabilize soon. My one complain is that enough forewarning should be given to the people in advance when making such big changes in visa process. There was some information from DOS on 7th and 28th Dec on about PIMS, but that mentioned a maximum delay of 48 hours. I dont think 48 hours can be rounded to a month in any mathematical syntax. Furthermore, people were making appointments 2-3 months in advance. They cannot change their plans on a 2 weeks notice, and even that notice did not carry credible information about delays to anticipate.

    Anyways, the moral should be "stay well informed before making any immigration steps". God bless all.

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  • snathan
    09-23 05:06 PM
    If these are pending 485 applications at USCIS, Number of pending applications with PD later than JUL 2007 should be zero.

    If these are labor filings, they probably dont include dependents.

    What if its RD and not PD...?

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  • McLuvin
    08-20 11:05 AM
    Dude, Are you joking.... Is there a link or something u can pass on... Dont be a DH....



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  • FinalGC
    08-12 01:59 PM
    I am so emotional now........just got the email, text message and message on the website changed to "Decision"

    Mine, my wife's and my son's cases APPROVED!!!!

    My case was in NSC. No additional fingerprinting, except one in Oct 2007, my son had to do one since he turned 14 this year....

    14 years of wait is over......Praise be to God for his faithfulness and mercies


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  • arkrish68
    09-28 12:06 PM
    Received the physical card and the welcome notice on mail yesterday for self and welcome notice for my wife. Status still under initial review for self and for wife it is under post decision.

    Came to US in early 2001
    Applied first labor in 2003 and labor went to backlog elimination center
    Joined another company in 2005
    Started new labor under perm process in 2006
    Labor and I-140 approved in 2006
    Applied I485 in July 2007

    Opened SR on 9/1/2010
    Went to Infopass on 9/13/2010, was told that we have to wait and we will get an interview letter.
    Contacted Senator's office - Told to wait for 4 week for someone to contact us from the senator's office, only 2 weeks has passed.
    Sent email to NSC follow up -
    Sent email to

    Either sending email to or should have helped in our case.


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  • let007live4ever
    06-21 08:44 AM
    Do we also have to include thepage of the DOL labor certification showing the priority date (if labor certification is required) ?

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  • sanju
    01-09 11:25 AM
    What Mr. Aytes have proposed is too narrow. He is proposing that applicants whose application is pending due to Namecheck delay will not get the benefit for multi-year EAD. This is not what the current rule says. So asking for implementation of the current rule means asking for multi-year EAD for all I-485 applicants, not depending on whether or not Mr. Aytes is having a good/bad day.

    There is already a standing rule since 2004-5. It is now 2008 and he has not implemented multi-year EAD rule. Given their past record, I would prefer that we not depend on their good heart for implementing this change.

    One more thing, when thousands of people will write letters and something will get done, orgs like AILA and lawyers like Murthy will claim that they got it done for us :-), for our sake :-). Just wait and watch..... ;)

    I think we should not mention the bellow point in the letter which we are going send to the president.

    According to Mr. Aytes, USCIS is already working on it. Why to mention it in the letter?
    That will rather give anti-skill-immigration crying babies one more thing to cry about.

    Now what? Under the new filing fee schedule which took effect after July 29, 2007, issuance of EAD and Advance Parole for the post August 27, 2007 is "free, free, free" for the I-485 filers. Allegedly, the cost is incorporated in the I-485 filing fee of $1,020. The new regulation uses the term of "fee waiver" for EAD and Advance Parole for these I-485 filers. Now, you guessed it! Lo and Behold, the business calculation on EAD and Advance Parole has reversed. The DHS will lose a huge money by issuing single-year EAD and a separate Advance Prole document on a yearly basis over and over since they are free and they will have to keep producing it at no charge every year, which creates a huge workloads consuming its huge human resources and other production costs. This is particularly unacceptable to the agency under the predicted State Department Visa Bulletin for FY 2008 and in the future. Now, from the business standpoint, the DHS may make a huge money by issuing a multi-year EAD which will also function as a travel document. Ahah! No wonder why they are finally coming forward revealing their hidden agenda behind the new fee rule-making and EAD/Advance Parole reform business. Reportedly, Mr. Aytes of USCIS disclosed in a New York AILA conference that the USCIS was currently working on a single multi-year EAD card that will also replace the Advance Parole document. What a smart calculation it was in the new fee rule-making action


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  • SamTheChapu
    08-19 06:09 PM
    Congrats!!!! Can you please tell the SR process? Do we have to tell the reason why we want SR on the case? If yes, what was your reason to open SR? Thanks!

    You call the 1 800 number

    Call 1 800 375 5283 and choose option 1 for English
    * choose option 2 for checking case status
    * Enter receipt number ........., select 1 to confirm the LIN number is correct
    * It reads out the information which you can already see online
    * It gives me few options to select now:- (To repeat press 1, to check another case press 2, to report a problem with this case press 3,
    Press option 3 (problem with case) and then listen carefully to choose "case is outside processing time" and that should lead you to the representative

    note down representative name and his id.

    Tell him your information (A number, name, address, priority date etc when he asks for it) and tell him you are current and the case is outside processing time (it's too old case as the information online says they are processing 2009/2010 I 485 cases) and ask him the status of the case.
    Ask him that you want to know about if the name check is completed, FBI background clearance passed etc and where is your case right now (assigned to any IO?)

    This should trigger him to open an SR. Note down SR number.

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  • she81
    06-29 08:55 PM
    To quote it in a much broader sense, America is not the end of the world - period! Just take it easy and enjoy life...don't freak out if the visa bulletin updates and you don't get to file your 485...we are all in this country by our free will..if we feel the rules of the land are not fair to us..each one of us is free to leave....

    On another front, if this actually does happen, I will be the first person to sue USCIS for all the expenses, lost time and headaches that I incurred in preparing the 485 application...I think USCIS can't get away without reimbursing everyone for all of the above...

    Agreed it is not the end of the world... but no monetary sum can reimburse the stress we've gone through and going through, the number of years worrying, the numerous decisions we've deferred, the immobility of career we've gone through... just in anticipation. They just brought all these people to the well to quench their thirst only to find out that it's but dried up.


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  • nkavjs
    09-25 02:29 PM
    Good idea.. Can we come up with Joint signed E-letter with info and mail it to these guys doing nothing with our 2nd July applications.
    They shd all be flown to Bermuda triangle (ony after they clear our pending applications)

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  • letstalklc
    09-04 02:49 PM
    I hate to play "who winks first" game with teleblend. They told that they would come up with similar india plan but not providing any details.

    May be now I should switch to vonage or Lingo. One factor in favor of vonage is: I get two months free with referral and one year contract rather than 2 years with Lingo.

    As per one my close friend, lingo CS is not very good. Vonage is still better than Lingo.

    However here is my question.

    The acutal cost of Vonage with unlimited india calling is $31 - $32 per month due to taxes, misc charges etc.

    WHAT would be ACTUAL COST OF LINGO per month? any approximation?

    Any one who uses lingo? Please advice... How much money do Lingo charges over & above regular monthly charges?

    I used to be a vonage user and Vonage was horrible as they were trying as much hard to charge the MAX to the customer in extra MISC charges.

    So far they havent provided any link from LINGO.COM home page, even the link what I posted got it from my friend........we didnt know at this moment how much taxes gonna be...

    It's 2 years agreement and it's killing part....

    I have no idea about customer service or call quality....

    If any body has exp...please share for other customers who are willing to sign will be healpfull...


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  • skynet2500
    10-15 10:20 AM
    I was able to contact NSC using POJ today. Got same response- File is with IO for review.

    I could reach IO yesterday. representative said that me and my wife's cases are preadjudicated. Not sure if I could believe this...

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  • senthil1
    04-23 09:54 PM
    This is a good bill. The 50% rule will impact Indian bodyshoppers and Top Indian outsourcing companies. But genuine companies like Microsoft,Google, Oracle and other US companies will not be impacted that much as they sincerely search whether US talent is available. But will it pass? In 2007 it did not move as they planned to consider for CIR. This time also same argument may come. But some genuine Indian consulting companies also will be impacted. But system will adjust quickly even if this bill passes.

    B1/B2 is always prone to reject by 221(b). Wont impact that much.


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  • maag
    03-27 03:57 PM
    (1) CapitalOne OP example
    (2) Kaiser Permanente cse_us example
    (3) Chandu and BharatPremi has some examples
    (4) Applied Biosystems sweet_jungle example


    (5) Procter & Gamble

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  • swadeshi
    09-26 07:21 AM
    Nothing, Zilch, Nada....My lawyer said that of the 40 applications they filed on July 2nd. they got RN for only 5 so..... Seems to be a very long wait

    Our attorney sent about 50 applications and has only received abt 9 RN so when we call him, he asks us to call the USCIS customer service!!


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  • sri1309
    08-24 09:13 AM
    Thinking differently isnt bad. It just came to my mind that this may also be tried.
    I think we have proved something like this not very long back about 60-70 years back. We have set bonfires of all our imported clothes and said NO to anything made in Britain. Right. So what did we really mean. I am sure many brands we wear today are international too. Nothing wrong.
    Why did somebody show the other side to be slapped, did he like to be slapped. Its to get the point across.

    Its a way of protest, a peaceful way to get attention to a problem which must be fixed.
    If most of you dont agree, then I may be wrong, lets see response.

    But lets always maintain that they do care and its a two way requirement and not just ours. We may be desperate due to system failure, but they are too, else there wouldnt be an immigration program. Most countries dont have, if I am not wrong. Its different with US which is a big country and same is the case with Canada which is trying to build.They need people.

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  • royus77
    06-21 01:43 PM
    Thanks Factoryman

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  • paskal
    06-25 09:01 AM
    if she applied for H1B the first package the lawyer sumitted should have copies of her I-20 and EAD. Look through the package you may find a copy in it.

    she didn't apply for an H1B unfortunately
    went from OPT to J-2- which was stamped in Delhi
    and then to H4 briefly (attorney was involved- wonder if we made a copy- good point)
    and then back to F-1 which is the current status.....

    06-16 02:20 PM
    OP Do you know how many L1 visa types are there???

    Who said L1 can't be at claient place? Who said L1 can't do programming?

    Don't spit on other community becoz you are loosing some thing...

    03-24 03:31 PM
    Based on the criteria above I dont see how it is illegal to ask what type of work authorization one has, and if EAD , how long it is valid. It may be illegal to disqualify a candidate who has EAD with validity for the required amount of time. But I sure can ask about the details within legal limits, can't I?

    It is illegal... On I-9 it clearly says that an employer can not deny employment because of an expiry date on a valid work authorization document. This makes sense, since the employer does not have any authority to check for this candidate's ability to renew the authorization, neither the candidate is obligated to share that information. Per DHS & DOL once you have valid EAD, you are good to go! I am curious though who should be responsible for educating these employers!:confused:

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