Friday, July 1, 2011

selena gomez room

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  • vdlrao
    03-04 02:31 AM

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  • sh1974
    05-04 10:31 PM
    I will be happy to share the reason, if it was known to me.
    But my company & their attorney are not sharing any details..
    Left with no choice.. but to wait with hope..

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  • locomotive36
    01-11 03:25 PM

    My H1B extension is pending with the VSC. I want to upgrade my H1B extension to a premium process by paying 1000 USD.

    Now, my question is - Can I do it myself thru efile or regular way using form I-907? Or should it be done only thru the employer or attorney?

    I am asking this because my attorney is charging a ridiculous attorney fees of 250 USD on top of 1000 USD for upgrading my case to a premium!

    Please help.


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  • mdcowboy
    09-01 01:37 PM
    Hi IV Attorneys,

    My wife's I-797A got lost in transit mail. I was wondering is there a way to order a replacement I-797A and how long would it take to get one. I need to take it to the SSN office as they require original documents to issue a SSN card. Your help is much appreciated!



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  • vijay0101
    06-21 12:13 PM
    yes still labor transfer is possible ..But you have to very carefull.. you need to find what was companys financial position at that time when labor was filled. wheather you were fullfiling your experience as required in Labor at that time... and you need to check the companys situation if it is not blaclisted by DOL.

    It is just my openion you can check with attorney's.

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  • Life2Live
    09-07 01:06 PM
    Use the following link to see USCIS Application and Receipting Update D


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  • wizard20740
    05-22 09:16 PM
    Hi JSaradhi,

    When you got your renewal for your H1b till 2008, you should have also received a new I-94 card with a new validity on it, probably till 2008. I know this because I also recently got my H1b renewed.

    Check with your employer. They should have handed over the new I-94 to you.


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  • fromnaija
    08-22 03:19 PM
    I am on H1-B, and about to apply for I140.
    My wife has recently got a F1 visa (and her H4 visa has been left valid).
    I am applying for I140. Is it ok to mention her name on my I140 as my spouse?

    Thanks in advance,


    Your wife's H4 is no longer valid since she switched to F1. You cannot hold non-immigrant status in two different classification at the same time. However, I think it is okay and even expedient that you mention her in your I-140.


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  • kumar1
    12-01 03:34 PM
    H1 and H4 are 2 different classes.

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  • Kapils573
    05-21 10:11 AM
    I also have the same status. I think it has to do with finger printing when had filed for 485 during July 2007. My status is like that since Dec 2007 .Nothing has changed after that for me..


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  • sagi9
    01-12 06:30 PM
    Whichever petition is latter is valid.

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  • hnordberg
    June 12th, 2004, 12:28 PM
    The one with the girl and the waterfall is a masterpiece! It makes me curious about the situation. Where was it taken?


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  • MrWaitingGC
    09-28 02:35 PM
    I think he has suggested you for Good. And take a look at the add what they have given for LC. If this says you need MBA then you can go for Eb2 else you cannot.

    I another case a guy had 10yrs experiece but job requirement asked for 1 yr so they have to go for EB3.

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  • redelite
    10-06 10:18 AM
    Fun fun. Congrats man! That contest was pretty fun. Good job everyone on all the smileys, thanks to all the judges and people that voted me in the top 3 and thanks to Kirupa for the contest.


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  • austingc
    08-11 05:01 PM
    I have applied for H1B transfer and here is my situation.

    H1B expiration date with ex employer was 06/10/2010 and I transferred the H1B to a new employer on 06/01/2010 and the approval came on 08/09/2010. However the approval notice says the validity date is from 08/02/2010 to 08/01/2011. It should have been 06/11/2010 because we filed this transfer before the expiration date.

    We sent an inquiry but the officer was saying the application was submitted based on new employment and not continuation of previously approved employment without change with the same employer, so we will not change our decision.

    What should I do? I think I was out of status from 06/11 to 08/01. Does anyone have any information?

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  • greenguru
    02-10 10:21 PM
    This is all the list i follow...

    Copies of ALL degrees and transcripts (both front and back),
    (starting from 10th standard)
    . Certificate(s), Diploma(s) and transcripts relating to
    training in courses for computer/software programming
    . Copy of Educational/Work experience evaluation report, if any;
    . Copies of all experience letters for experience in IT . Try to
    give as many documents as you can, including Offer letters, appraisal
    letters, promotion letters, salary hike certificates etc., (if u are
    . Copies of 4 latest pay-stubs
    . Copy of latest Resume
    . Copy of Passport with I 94s(If already in US)
    . Copy of SSN Card (If U have)
    . Your current address & Foreign Address (Permanent Address in
    India )
    . Copies of all Previous H1B/L1 approval notices(If any)
    . Name of the nearest US consulate that you can obtain H1 visa
    . Date of first arrival in to US on H1 status
    . Prior Periods of stay on H1 classification (Give all the dates)
    . List Education Qualification: Highest Degree


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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-27 09:32 PM
    nice man! If those are of New York city that makes it all the more cooler + makes the captions make sense. I really like them!

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  • rvendra
    10-30 11:24 AM
    No, My employer based in New York, we don't have any offices in FL

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  • gondalguru
    07-16 02:19 AM
    If your PD is current and AOS case is approvable exept your FP which is more than 15 months old then you might get a FP notice to have it done before USCIS approves the AOS application.

    05-19 01:03 PM
    Don't you know this baby will stop Skynet in 2035 and save mankind ?

    No...because the world is going to end in 2012 Dec ....:D

    06-12 04:35 PM
    You should speak with a contract or employment lawyer in your home state about this. The rules on these agreements vary from state to state, and the agreements are often not enforceable. Even if the reimbursement agreement is enforceable, an employer can never ask an employee to pay the training fee ($1500 or $750, depending on the size of the company).

    PS - this should really be in the nonimmigrant visa forum.

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