Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • milinshah
    05-21 02:56 PM
    I am having the same issue. Doesnt look like its been fixed yet.

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  • franklin
    07-17 06:16 PM
    Is there any risk in rescheduling a fingerprinting appt? I am travelling when the appointment is currently scheduled for:(. Does that impact the overall processing times of 485/EAD/AP?

    I don't know how it affects the overall processing times, but there is no problem rescheduling the appointment. Just follow the instructions on your notice.

    1 disclaimer - you MUST reschedule it before your original appointment date. Failure to attend your appointment without 1st rescheduling is considered an abandonment of your AOS etc.

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  • RandyK
    03-27 03:06 PM
    Do both have to go for the visa interview?

    Or can my wife go an get this ?

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  • nagu
    02-26 09:57 PM
    you mean Ron Gotcher. I approached today and he said no. But i did not mention about MTA/MTR option.


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  • nousername
    01-19 03:01 PM
    Sorry to hear about your situation. You are out of status the minuet you lost your job and the 180 days clock has already started ticking i.e. out of status for more then 180 days and still in the country may result in 5 yr entry ban.

    I don't want to scare you but just sharing the law details.

    Now you best course of action would be to get a job ASAP and get your H1 transferred. For this process immigration will ask for your last pay stub and if there is a big gap then they might reject your visa but again it is hard to say anything as it totally depends upon the officer.

    Also, hire a good attorney if you can.

    Staying in the US after losing a job on H1 is a gray area, especially when you have a valid i-94 hence getting a good attorney is very important.

    Also, you might want to look at student visa or visitor visa to maintain your legal status.

    Good luck

    Do you have any idea about the other legal options in terms of immigration i might have.?

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  • keshtoda
    05-06 06:02 PM
    Submitted April 4 2011. Received PERM PW in 3 weeks.


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  • desi3933
    04-08 07:25 AM

    What is my status from Jun 14th to June 25th ? Am I in status because I have a I94 valid till June 24th or will I be out of status for those 10 days ?

    Can I work and have my payroll run for hose 10 days (June 15th to June 24th).....

    Many times I-94 is issued for I-797 end date + 10 calendar days. These 10 additional days are given person can wrap up things, but he/she is not allowed to work for these 10 days. That's reason for I-94 date of June 24th, even though I-797 authorization ends on June 14th.

    Your attorney should have asked for extension starting with June 15th, since old I-797 work authorization expires on June 14th, 2010.

    Now, you are in status, but can not work from June 15th until June 24th. That could be leave without any pay.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • maverick_joe
    01-22 05:57 PM
    would the local office give you the generated no if you have not received the SSN card in the mail?


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  • radosav
    07-31 09:56 PM
    why havent you included july filers in the timetable?

    or you just want June filers to vote?

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  • vikramy
    02-15 10:22 AM
    Will see how it works out for me


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  • andymajumder
    09-26 07:11 PM
    My wife's and mine EAD renewal was applied on the 23rd of July (company lawyer delayed filing). I received mine in 30 days but my wife's case is still pending, though I am working on my H1 and don't need it. My wife's current EAD expires today, is there anything we can do to get the process to move faster or get her case expediated other than just wait till 90 days. There are lots of people I know who received their EADs even though their applications were sent much later. If the discontinuity is long, my wife may loose her job.

    Please help. Many thanks.

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  • pappu
    06-15 06:31 PM
    Under advocacy menu on the top, select 'state chapters'
    Then go to the bottom of the page


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  • GCtogo
    07-25 05:43 PM
    Hello IV members,

    I have been watching IV forum during the last four weeks. I feel it is a great place to post questions and comments to help everybody in our long Immigration journey. I have a situation here.
    I have filed my H-1B extension, my wife�s H-4 extension, my I-140 and our I-485 applications recently from my current address. I haven�t got the approvals yet for any of them. I am thinking of taking another project(with the same employer of course) next month and relocating to a new state.
    I heard that immigration documents don�t get forwarded by USPS. My worry is about my wife�s H-4 extension approval notice as other communications will go either to my employer or lawyer. I know that we have an online form to update our new address to USCIS.
    Did anybody run into problems of mails being sent to the address in the forms even after you filled out this form?
    Please let me know what you think about relocation after filing immigration papers.

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  • sss9i
    03-08 02:06 PM
    I applied for 3 year H1B extension for different employer
    Atty ,filed wrong Date of Birth in I-129 form.
    How to correct this problem??
    Atty said, they will inform USCIS after get the Receipt Notice.Is it corrct ??
    I will appreciate your feedback.
    Thank you.


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  • vivache
    11-09 05:09 PM
    I called the embassy and the staff member told me that I would have to go to the nearby DHL office in LIMA and drop all the documents. And then the embassy would get back wihin 4-10 business days.
    This is really dicey for me since the Christams holidays could push this ahead.
    So no go.

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  • sunny1000
    07-08 03:42 PM

    I'm trying to schedule my visa stamping date in aug /sept time frame in India. In delhi consulate when I click on Indian resident I see the available dates but when I click on Indian citizen residing in US, I see no availability. I'm not sure which option should I choose. I'm a student working on OPT in US. My OPT will expire on Aug 4th and so I will come to India. I'm not sure which of the two options I have to choose while scheduling an interview :

    Resident of India/Bhutan
    Indian Citizen residing in United States.

    I would really appreciate any help in this matter.


    You should choose "Indian Citizen residing in United States". Can you please stop creating multiple threads? You have atleast 3 threads open right now for the same question.

    Moderators: please close the other threads with the same question. Thanks.


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-08 03:30 PM
    The House of Representatives on Saturday night passed a sweeping health care bill by a vote of 220-215. In the next few weeks, this bill will be analyzed and there will be various summaries online regarding this important piece of legislation. I would like to focus on the Immigration related matters in the Bill.

    The Congressional Hispanic Caucus staunchly oppose including a provision that would bar undocumented workers from using their own money to buy health insurance policies available through the exchange.

    The measure is already included in the Senate Finance Committee's version of the bill and is backed by the White House. Some conservative House Democrats have also indicated their support for the Senate language.

    Several Hispanic Caucus members who discussed the issue with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday said they had received assurances the Senate language would not be included. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez, D-Texas, warned Thursday that several caucus members might try to block the House bill if it's changed to conform to the Senate measure. Pelosi's bill includes various requirements for immigrants to verify their citizenship before getting federal subsidies to buy health insurance. Conservatives, however, have called the requirements insufficient.

    We will review the Bill and report on more important points that will be of interest to Immigrants.

    More... (

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  • snathan
    03-03 11:09 PM
    Quick survey to findout how many people like the idea of having their passports restamped here in USA and avoid all the surprises and shocks. This doesn't need any legal fixes. It is a convenient measure for everyone. Besides it was an old practice that was stopped for "security" reasons or some crapp. It is a small step but helps with any cases like family emergency or some urgent business need to travel abroad.

    Based on the poll results and suggestions, we can comeup with a strategy to address the issue.

    This is alreay part of the Admin fix and unfortunately its not moving forward.

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  • tinamatthew
    07-22 11:26 PM
    I got busted going twice the speed limit in a 55 MPH zone and just got convicted of Reckless Driving.I got 364 Days Suspended Sentence.

    Does that count as an "crime of Moral Turpitude". Does that mean that I-485 will be deined?

    Do you know anyone who was convicted of reckless driving and got their green card?

    All replies are appreciated.

    Hope this encourages you

    unless you hit someone and was jailed or something. Getting a speeding ticket due to reckless driving is just a traffic violation and should not be mentioned. I had some reckless driving tickets, never mentioned that and got my GC last week.

    So enjoy.

    08-19 02:07 PM
    I have a generic question which some you might know the answer to:

    1) Why TSC is late in issuing receipt compared to NSC?
    2) Looks like more applicaiton were filed at NSC than at TSC, Why?
    3) Why even then TSC is late in issuing reciept?
    4) Which one is faster in approving 485, TSC or NSC?
    5) Does any body know how many application each service center recieved during the VB fiasco?

    10-20 07:01 PM
    Good evening,

    I am currently in the United States and in the process of changing my Q1 into a F1 visa.

    My contract with the Q1 visa unexpedently ended in June 2009 and the visa was expiring on the 17th of september 2009.
    I sent the file with all the papers to the USCIS before the end of the expiration date and is still in process at this time.
    I heard that i can not exceed the period of 180 days after my last day of work with my Q1 Visa.. Is this true ?
    I was thinking by the time i filed everything before the end of my Q1 visa, i could stay in the United States until the approval or denial of my F1 visa...
    if this is true :
    1. Do I have to wait in France for the answer of the USCIS, or my case will be cancelled and I have to start all oveer again in France ?

    2. If I do not stay more than 180 days, going back to France and coming back for exemple 1 week after to the US with a tourist visa, am I able to change my status to F-1 ?

    3. If i receive an approval answer from USCIS after a few days that I've been back in France, will it be valid ? Can it be sent to me ?

    4. Do I have to get a new I-20 from the university if I am starting the process in France, or the one that I have is still valid ?

    Could you help me please, beause i am confused...:confused:
    Thanking you by advance for your answer

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