Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • acecupid
    06-12 05:51 PM

    I am currently working in Skilled visa through one of MNC company.I am working for this company for last 4 years and prior to this company i worked in another small company for two years.When I join my current company i provided all the legal document like exp,last two month pay stub and releiving letter and they did BG . They did not find anything wrong with prior employer in last 4 year. recently they found something wrong about my prior employer and asking me providing additional document and unfortunately company is closed or rename. I have told my current employer that i don't have any more evidance of my prior employer.Because of this reason they are asking me to come back india.

    Is there any way that i can take legal action against this company in US because from last one week
    they are harrassing my like anything.

    Please let me know if anyone come across in this situation.

    They are just giving you BS. They are trying to use a fake reason to send you back to India. They might be using this fake reason (BG check) to avoid any legal hassles. Keep track of how they are harassing you, keep a copy of all emails and documents used in correspondence in this matter and complain to DOL.

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  • thescadaman
    09-15 09:51 AM
    I remember your enthusiasm from the Sept 2007 Rally Days. Congratulations!

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  • gccovet
    08-07 02:43 PM

    Sunnysurya is busy trying to get people for the lawsuit. He will not reply to you.

    According to IV Tracker, his EB2 PD is Nov 2005. He has filed in Nebraska.


    Calling all EB3-I with PD before Nov 2005. Please get 3 desi firm names from Sunny_Surya and start EB2 filing. Then port your PD's.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    05-17 04:08 PM
    Thanks, i will send them and email.
    No, It is not for 140 and i wasnt asked for it when i appliedway back in 2002.

    I didn't experience getting a duplicate certificate, but I think you can try the following service to get such certificate.


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  • pani_6
    08-21 08:47 PM
    current Visa bullettin does not give any info about next months...its talks about other workers..can you point to the sentence where it says it going to be april01-nov 01??.. have been waiting very long from 01..just like me..incruiating..wait..

    The current visa bulletin says EB3 PDs may go back to the level that was in June 08 visa bulletin or worser. So it is very likely that EB3 will be anywhere between Apr 2001 to Nov 2001. Personally I would be happy if it remained at least beyond May 2001.

    I dont see EB3 moving to 2002 unless USCIS wants to agressively move it forward, so that they can continue their unfair trend of procesing some out of order low hanging fruit cases in EB3 category, just because they are sitting on the top of their applications pile, even if they had much later PDs. Just like they are doing with EB2

    What will unite people is to fight against the common pain point... *Unfair advantage given to out of order applicants* , whether it be EB2 or EB3, who are much later in the queue, but some how are on the top of application piles, and easily accessible to IOs- who are making DOS move the PDs, just so that they can clear of their tables by approving these cases, rather than trying to access applications in FIFO and follow a fair process.

    The whole EB2-EB3 divide arose out of this unfair practice of USCIS. Which just on their whim move PDs forward , be it EB3 or EB2. It just happened, that EB2 date has been moved more aggressively, probably because there is less backlog there. But looking at all the EB2 people still waiting with 2003, 2004 PDs while 2006 are getting approvals, indicates that the real problem is USCIS not doing due diligence to identify the right cases to be processed next and get the exact count of such cases.

    Just asking them to recapture visa numbers or cyring foul against wasted numbers etc will still not solve the problem unless we also FORCE them to follow FIFO and process cases FAIRLY. And do their due diligence to spend some time and put their application piles in proper order. Otherwise USCIS will continue to use these recaptured visas and use them to approve FU***&G Out of Order cases and manipulate & play the system to achieve that by jumping around the PD up/down/'U' and what not, just so because it is *convenient* for them to do so.

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  • newtoearth
    06-16 02:38 PM
    I thought IV works and fights for whole immigrant family..
    But most often I see Hatred on L1, (And Indian Consultants, and Substitution Labors EB1)...
    Are we jealous on every body else except "ME"????
    One lost job because of the company's new outsource policy, and economy...not because of L1...Please realize that

    We will never win this kind of game...For sure every body will loose..


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  • nk2006
    01-15 11:13 AM
    Hi RajuSeattle--

    You nailed it man. As i said in my post yesterday what you described so well is exactly what happened and so my explanation of just 140 substitution was not accurate.

    Please note the response I got from the attorney of my previous employer (the one who revoked)

    This is exactly what I previously explained and what XX verified for you. The I-140 was revoked/withdrawn and the labor certification was substituted. If only the I-140 had been revoked/withdrawn then you would still be portable. However, as XX confirmed, the company used the case to substitute another employee.

    Clearly the ex-employer and USCIS are at fault. I have the approved I140 and to date on my uscis portfolio it states that my I140 was approved in Feb 2005. I changed jobs in June 2006.

    I am so &^^%$#@ tired, that if this does not work....I am going back. Enough is enough.

    Your frustration is understandable but talk to a good lawyer and open an MTR immediately. From your description yours is a good example of how USCIS is confused about AC21 cases - work with your lawyer on MTR it seems MTR's are successful in most cases. Also please take time and contact Ombudsman to file DHS Form 7001 as suggested at:

    (look back in this thread a few other members had similar issue - I485 denial upon withdrawal of I140 by previous employer - contact them directly to get specific lawyer info).

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  • mail2me_Ds
    10-01 03:53 PM
    I think if you have I-551 stamped on your passport then you do not need any other document. i-551 is as good as physical green-card. You can carry the approval notice with you. This is my opinion, do no quote on me.

    Thank you.


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  • eb3retro
    02-24 03:41 PM
    Thanks for pointing that out. Yes it is all there :-)

    but, no mention of able to file 485 without priority dates though.

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  • kamdard
    01-03 05:09 AM
    I also had my visa interview on 27-DEC-2007 @Mumbai (h1-b/h-4 renewal) and was told that I will receive an email in 2 business days, subsequent to which I will have to go to VSF office for getting my visa stamped.

    Its been 6 business days and am yet to receive an email..I contacted VSF in Mumbai and they told me that all the H1-B applicants are in the same boat and they could not predict any time line...Planning to call the US-consulate tomorrow to see if they can provide some timeline..I already have rescheduled my return flight to US...If things continue this bad, am planning to use my AP to travel back to the US.



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  • camarasa
    07-09 06:45 PM
    Change the order now to send them on Wednesday instead :-)

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  • bkn96
    11-19 04:57 PM
    How is the response for MTRs sofar? are they (USCIS) accepting the error and reopening the 485


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  • pd052009
    03-31 03:50 PM
    Do you mean 8K from EB5?

    Very well said.
    Based on 12K/half year, or 12K/year from EB1, say 20K be safe this year from EB1. 7K from EB2 ROW as last year, 8K from EB3, 0 from FB (EB2 get only 10k/4 last year as 10K FB is divided by Eb1/2/3/4), and normal 2.8K for EB2 I/C each (6K total), there are total 41K possibly for EB2 I/C.

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  • coolduggar
    09-10 04:19 AM

    This link has the list of all the non sponsors of this bill each having email button so i think we call email them .


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  • sam2006
    01-08 10:37 AM
    my letter is on its way

    will reach by next week .. great goin IV

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  • Khujaokutta
    03-10 07:08 PM
    Sure....lets MARCH....(did not mean the current month)......I am also willing to sign....aage badooo.......:D....dum lagake....haiyaaaa....


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  • rpat1968
    10-07 04:34 AM

    You contacted CIS Ombadsman.
    What was thier response? How fast did they respond to you?
    Were they of any help?

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  • sri1309
    09-11 07:44 PM
    How do I start a new thread,

    Please help,


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  • meridiani.planum
    10-02 04:21 AM
    Hi All,

    My friend whose PD is Dec 30 2004 - EB2 - Texas got his approval email. But he is already in india and travelling back this Oct 12th.

    He already has valid Advanced Parole with him.

    He wants to if there are any issues for him to enter at port of entry?
    Any documents or print out of approval etc to be carried with him?

    Does he needs to tell the office that his GC got approved?

    Please help.

    no trouble he can simply re-enter on advance parole. no need to carry any proof of approval of GC

    08-21 04:00 PM
    Regarding law suit, somebody in the previous messages made a very good point: when there is a lawsuit, that's because the lawyers can get something from it. Think last july, why are lawyers so quick to (threat to launch) lawsuit: because they have already put in half month of hard work and overtime pay (yeah, a lot of money to staff) for processing those cases, and uscis flip-flop invalidates their efforts and wasted their money, no wonder they were furious and quick to action, and that forced uscis to change decision. Now, what can they get from fighting the law suit? They havn't lost anything. And , in fact, faster processing of 485 is NOT good for lawyers: they miss money from filing ead/ap, and they miss money from multiple 140/485 filings (who would file multiple 140/485 if your case can be approved in less than one year?). Therefore, I seriously doubt if any lawyer will have the motivation to file law-suit, and especailly the basis for the suit is not solid.
    I saw that Ron told one "so depressed" in his Forum..that we can launch a law suit..against this new interpretation..however..I dont know its worth the time and effort..although uscis learns only by law suits..

    Lets see next months Visa allocation for the new year and see where it starts from..I am hoping from Mid of 03..lets see..besides..only quick solution so far is the Visa capture ..dont know where it stands...

    we got 20 more days to influence people about EB-3 numbers..what is the most effective thing to do collectively before he new Visa bull comes out..

    Any idea Pappu..??.

    10-05 02:00 PM
    When I call through vonage phone, the wireless internet connection to other computers is getting lost. Is this the problem others have too?

    Is it having another router in between your vonage phone and cable /DSL connection solve the problem?

    Any thoughts? Has anyone inquired this with vonage folks?

    Vonage won't affect any wireless connections.
    Do you use a cordless phone ?
    The wireless transmission from your cordless phone maybe affecting the transmissions from your wireless router.

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