Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • anilsal
    06-16 11:45 PM
    Thank you for your time and I appreciate your effort.

    I have two Approved I-140s (both filed by same company).
    • Filed I-140 & I-485 concurrently with a PD of Nov 2007 (Original Labor) - I-140 Approved and I-485 Pending
    • Filed I-140 with PD March 2005 (Substitution Labor) - I-140 Approved.

    1. I would greatly appreciate if you can let me know what are my options and any relative information (Letter formats etc.)
    2. Can Info-Pass work instead of writing to USCIS?

    1) Send letters to the service center explaining your situation and the priority dates + 140 approval LIN#(NSC) or WAC# or whichever approval numbers you have. You need to stress that your dates are current and that your AOS applications have to be approved based on the current 140 (irrespective of which approved 140, the 485 apps were filed).
    2) Send faxes same as the letter.
    3) Call the NSC/TSC IOs. (If you reach the national customer service center, no luck).
    4) Take Infopass.

    One of the above options will work.

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  • rjgleason
    January 3rd, 2005, 03:54 PM
    Freddy I took some liberty here with your "cold shore" pic and added some filtering......just a quick go-around of a couple of filters (NIK) plugin.......(If I shud remove the post, please let me know)

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  • vactorboy29
    09-21 03:20 PM
    For us it took @ 104 days to get AP approved.

    Receipt Date - 04 June 2010
    Aprroved Date 17 Sep 2010

    Still i am wating on EAD,EAD was applied same time.We had RFE on June 22 resubmitted now system showing June 25 receipt date.

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  • panky72
    08-26 10:45 PM
    Are there people who are current now, who have no Priority Date mentioned on the I-485, EAD and AP receipts? (i.e. the PD box is blank)

    The priority date is shown on my I-140 receipt, but not on the aforementioned documents.

    Does anyone know how to correct this problem? Thanks much.

    Dont worry. My 485 receipt also does not show the PD. Per my attorney its ok.


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  • atiq4
    10-09 08:39 AM
    My first LC did not get approved or denied. So i did not applied I-140. I guess my only option to wait and to see what the brain dead congress action is.

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  • Dhundhun
    10-14 11:54 AM
    So, a controlled slow movement will leave to more un-used numbers in the 3rd quarter when they will then be forced to make big jumps in dates to use up annual visa numbers

    Big Jump => Chaotic Jump ???


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  • dummgelauft
    04-13 11:21 AM
    Hey, Your category has always been current. What are you doing on this forum.
    Looks like this guy is from an anti-immigrant group.

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  • qtoask
    06-25 03:47 PM
    I just wanted to confirm whether this is really rumour...

    admin, pl delete this thread if this is not appropriate.



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  • kshitijnt
    05-04 08:24 PM
    Is there any way H1B can qualify as a EB1C?

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  • optimist
    03-12 11:37 AM
    The H1-B per se does not require any job experience, provided the educational qualification is exactly what the job requires. To quote, "For an H1B for a programmer, for example, a candidate must possess the required degree in the field of computer science, electrical engineering, electronics, or a related field." When the candidate has a degree in an unrelated field, the employer would usually need to prove that the candidate has work experience in the field in which the H1 is being sought.

    For more details, see

    Hope this helps.

    Monthly contribution: $20


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  • validIV
    03-25 06:13 PM
    Works fine for me. My case is still pending. And wow, I got a soft LUD 3/25/09 on my I485. Woohoo

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  • Liz
    06-28 11:31 PM
    Dear Attorney,

    My company is willing to sponsor me and I have a few questions regarding the occupation.

    I have no professional degree but I have 7 years experience as a general manager. My boss spoke to one attorney who said that I can be in EB-3 skilled worker but he (the attorney) is going to put that at least 5 years experience is required. The company that I have been working for is an export/import Asian food company (65 employees; $100 million revenue) so my boss is not going to hire someone who has only 2 years experience. The attorney also wants to put that a foreign language (Korean) is required as I will be responsible for making orders from Korea.

    On the other hand I went to a different lawyer who said that if I want to be in EB-3 skilled worker the 2 years experience is enough and if there will be a foreign language requirement, most likely my ETA9089 will be denied. Also, he mentioned that a GENERAL MANAGER requires at least a bachelor's degree (as stated in SWA OES).

    I would appreciate your input.

    Thank you.


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  • tom
    03-13 06:05 PM
    The anwser for your new question is already answered by ashkam.

    You don't need EAD to study. EAD is for working.

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  • h1techSlave
    06-15 11:42 AM
    I think your numbers are correct.
    Did you know that more than 1 million green cards were issued in 2009 and less than 60,000 went to actual high skilled immigrants??


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  • hello
    12-07 10:46 AM
    Thats fine if Dream Act is last on agenda,then we"ll have more time to call senators.Please pickup phone and call the Senators.Thank You.

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  • lkapildev
    02-01 04:21 AM
    Sometime the RFE does not apper on case .

    Attrorney might have got it and replied

    This means they have recived your Evidence and the processing has been resume. I donot know if you are victim of A#. Same A# assigned to more than one application(I read it somewhere)

    Contact your attroney


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  • cel_tic
    08-16 02:27 PM

    I need an urgent information. My visa stamping in my passport got expired, but I have valid I-797 document. I am planning to have my visa restamping in India. I came to know that with expired visa stamp we can not travel via UK and France. Can you please advice if I can travel via Frankfurt, Germany? or do I need to get a Transit Visa.

    Anyone who has travelled through Germany with expired H1B visa stamp?

    I have to travel within a week and I would appreciate your advice.


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  • learning01
    04-12 05:28 PM

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  • ita
    11-01 01:44 PM
    At the time of filing my application I just used one address.

    Somehow I didn't know you could use Permanent address and current address.

    I'm not sure but I guess my lawyer didn't file G325 form.
    Is filing G325 form something mandatory ?

    I've moved recently.

    I want to change the address now but want to give a new address (which is not the address I moved to .)

    Should it be fine?

    Thank you.

    03-11 10:35 AM

    I had my stamping done in Delhi last year in September. They just asked me the following:

    1. Latest Paystubs.
    2. W2.
    3. Client name.
    4. My responsibilities at work.
    5. How long have I worked at my employer.

    All this took just a couple of mins. One of my friend also got his stamping done in Delhi in Dec last year.

    Just carry all documents you can. They will not be needed, but you be more prepared and confident at the interview.


    Ann Ruben
    01-12 06:33 PM
    Yes, it is legal and possible to hold multiple H-1's with both non-profit and for profit employers.

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