Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • fatjoe
    10-22 05:02 PM
    Did you send 7001 to Ombudsman? So, Ombudsman is also hopeless?
    Did you call them to find out the status? Here is Om's #, in case you don't know: 202-282-8000. Call them and update us as well.
    @ fatjoe

    My PD is June '04. RD is July 2, 2007 and ND is August 21, 2007. Yes, I tried Ombudsman, sent them my case more than a month back.


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  • darslee
    07-11 12:21 AM
    Phew! Even I hate for you to be nitpicking :eek:

    I agree......:D

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  • Saralayar
    01-04 11:16 PM
    Hello every one,
    I am starting this thread for all of us not to just think about the GC process. If any one is residing here for 10 years without GC, think about making a law which can lead us to Citizenship. My thoughts on this:
    Many of our colleagues who landed with us during the late 90s (1998, 1999) and early 2000, who got their GC without any issues are now Citizens or waiting to become Citizen soon.
    What is our status?. Just think. Still we are strugling to get the GC. Even by law change, if we are getting the GC this year (by GOD's Grace), then we need to wait for another 5 years from now (approximately 2014). Many persons like me who have come to this Country in their later career will be very much affected due to this delay (we have lot of other issues like the dependents reaching the age of 21 etc., College, University fees etc.,).
    Core team and every one, please consider this and try to lobby for getting the citizenship without further wait if the persons satisfy the folowing conditions:
    1. If they are legally here for 10 years (With approved I-140 and waiting for Adjustment of Status without current date).
    2. If they have earned full 40 points in Social Security
    3. If they have paid the tax continuously for 10 years
    4. If they own a house and paying Mortgage (adding weightage to the Economy boost)
    5. If they do not have any criminal records in these 10 years.

    Please again do not just concentrate on the GC issues. Consider this and if any one can come with a letter draft with legal openion, we can send it to all Congress members, State Governers etc.,
    Hope the members and the Core team consider this issue. I have one more thread on this, which I started some months back but the response was not that good. If every one of us unite on this and raise this to the Congress, I think the new Government may consider as this is very genuine.

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  • Robert Kumar
    03-29 05:33 PM
    Based on your calculations , Experts, please let us know what to expect, if 12000 GC are released for EB2. Where will the cutoff come and stop..
    Can you please post that link that shows how many are waiting year-wise.


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  • jsb
    10-08 04:21 PM
    Still waiting, a July 2 filer, for CC or receipts. What do these weekly updates by USCIS suggesting that they are through for receipts for dates in August mean when July 2 filers are still waiting. Anybody got any clue??

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  • lazycis
    10-17 12:02 PM
    By Mr. Cannon:
    "NNCPS is partnering with other Agencies to provide contractors and personnel to process name checks. For example, the FBI and USCIS have implemented a key initiative to use contractor resources to prioritize the processing of "Single-Hit" USClS Name Check requests, that is, pending name check requests that have only one FBI file potentially identified with it that needs to be reviewed in order to process the request. By applying contractor resources to process these "Single Hit" requests, the FBI may significantly reduce the pending USClS name check workload."

    Are they interested in national security or just numbers of processed name checks? Why not create a special team to handle requests with the high number of "hits" as those are much more dangerous potentially for the national security?


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  • CADude
    10-02 12:42 PM
    Please call them every hours.. USCIS is full morons!!

    I am a July 2nd files, they told me to call on the 3rd of October. (I don't know what is the logic to calculate 90 days at the USCIS). I am trying to make the attorney call that day. May be she will have more luck. :confused:

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  • gc_chahiye
    06-26 01:45 PM

    This is the best I have come across :

    husband files for himself - I 485
    Wife files for herself - I 485

    If one of the apps are approved, the other can Join.

    No risks....

    yes, this sames to be the safest option. only catch seems to be:
    - if you are on EAD, then you how do you join? your EAD is based off your I485, which u are presumably abandoning so you can join the other application.


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  • greencardvow
    07-31 04:50 PM
    Well suppose they reject your 485 for lack of Initial Evidence then you are in some trouble. The people who applied prior to new Memo was passed had there applications receipted even without EVL. What will happen after the Memo is passed ...can't say. I think EVL is considered Initial Evidence. Thats my guess.

    If that's true, I hope they also accept the missing inital evidence, that is sent later, as long as the A# is provided.

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  • deba
    01-24 02:53 PM
    Anyone in my situation? Thanks again.

    Travelling via London Gatwick and Dubai to India and back. No airport change required during transit. Using AP, visa expired. I have a valid Canada PR card.
    According to UK embassy US GC and Canada PR card holders do not need transit for direct airside transit. Does anyone have any experience in this situation? Please post.


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  • bugsbunny
    04-06 06:13 PM
    It was just a minor adjustment to make room for expenses towards advocacy day.

    Those who came to the advocacy event on April 4th,5th, like me, and saw the amount of money and efforts that go into reserving a conference room in a hotel next to the Capitol Hill for 4 days, printing out thousands of documents, inviting staffers/congressmen for meetings, arranging an elaborate reception for them, preparing advocacy packets for close to 400 meetings etc etc. I am amazed how IV is even able to afford the expenditures with the relatively small number donors that it has.
    Kudos to IV-Core and the volunteers.

    This needs to be advertised on the forums here or on the home page. Most people don't know what IV's expenses are.
    A generic breakdown of costs, without going into specifics, would help members understand the expenses and provide some transparency.
    It may even motivate new members to contribute more :)

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  • punjabi
    04-01 05:18 PM
    It is not confirmed yet whether they would consider all of the 12k towards the decision for the May Bulletin or not.

    They might want to disperse the 12k numbers in the subsequent months, if they try to be a little conservative.

    This is a very simple calculation. Following are the numbers before Oct -2006. These total to ~ 12K.

    EB2-C - 3521
    EB2-I - 9345

    The dates will move further if more than 12K numbers are infused into the system. I would say that the dates should be in Oct - Nov 2006 range with these 12K numbers, having Nov as buffer as they may issue RFE's to folks.


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  • gc_wow
    09-23 09:32 PM
    May be it was updated on the website on 25th Aug 09, System date should be present on the report, Report with out date on it is meaning less, I hope the USCIS IT team will understand that, I dont understand what kind of reporting specialists USCIS hires, that is a fundamental thing USCIS should know, Report should have a system time stamp on it saying when it was generated.

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  • admin
    01-06 12:13 PM
    Great work drirshad. We already have a link from our site to Mathew Oh's website. If he could put our organization name in any of his articles that would help our cause. Keep following up with him. I encourage all users also to contact other such lawyers and websites.


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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    06-18 09:50 PM
    Well, I am just stating facts. Just because you dont like them, I cant help it. You got to learn to move on. There is a saying in my native tongue " A smart man should never climb the stairs of a court." My grandfather was a prosecutor and and used to tell this to me many times. But thats just me. If you have a big penis, go ahead and file a lawsuit and let me know what happens.

    And, btw, never did I mention about reference, so check on your reading comprehension skills next time you respond.

    My friend, even exxon valdez guys have not collected money from lawsuits yet. So I stand by my advise. By the time you actually collect something, you will be in no position to sip either mai tai nor travel to hawaii.

    Here is your post on 6/15/2009 @ 4.49pm

    See the words in RED BOLD font. They highlight you mentioning the word "REFERENCE". Kapish?!

    Maybe you should check on your eyesight. And while you're at it, get your head examined as well... memory loss is an early sign of onset of senility.

    Agreed on your point. But there are other discriminations at workplace such as , age, race, sex and sexual harrassment. Those who complain about it effectively terminate their careers. If you want to go , complain against this L1 misuse fine, but you are not going to get mileage, maybe some bad breath and bad publicity and eventual loss of reference & job. If your company / client has decided they do not want to persist with you, there are 101 ways they can get rid of you, legal or illegal, my suggestion is, if you were exposed,

    can L1fraud hold his head high in front of his client and still ask for reference with no sense of guilt in future? If not, he has lost half the game but now wants to lose the other half in a self destructive manner.

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    06-22 11:13 AM
    I am in the same situation. Details Below.

    Me: EB2(10/2006) Pending I-140
    Wife: EB3(04/2002 SUBSTITUTION) Pending I-140

    Reply from My Lawyer.

    "Many people are in your scenario.
    There are many ways to do this. Each one being a little more expensive then others.

    What can be done:

    Your wife files as primary and you secondary on her 140.
    You file as primary and her secondary on your 140.

    Option #2
    You file alone on your 140
    She files alone on her 140.

    Somehow if the dates should move backwards and her 140 on labor substitution should get denied (you never know with labor sub); then for her to file on your 140 the date has to be current or she canʼt file until it becomes current.

    You and her just file on her 140. Problem is if the 140 gets denied then the window of opportunity to file the 485 again may not be for a couple of years.

    You and her just file on your 140. Problem is that it may take a long time for you to eventually get the greencard approved.

    If you want to be safe and want to spend more money then she would file as primary on her 140 and you as dependent. Then at same time we would file you as primary on your 140 and her as dependent on your 140.

    Reply from Wife's Lawyer(Murthy):

    "It is not possible for you to be her derivative as well as your own primary, and vice versa. It would require the filing of 2 I-485s and this causes nothing but confusion on the part of the USCIS. You have 2 choices. You could pick a case that you are going to proceed under, most likely the one with the earliest priority date, so long as there is confidence that the I-140 will be approved. Or, you can hedge your bets by each filing as your own primary because if one of the cases falls into a problem, the person can switch to be a derivative, but could run into a problem if there were not current priority dates at the time. But, so long as your both remain in H-1B status, and not use EAD/AP, that is minimized"


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  • yagw
    01-29 09:39 PM
    I am going to start as soon as I calm down :)
    however, it is not easy preparing with a whining toddler at my knees ,

    *goes off to find daycare*

    Another thought... they might have been confused with EAD through L1/B1 etc dependent and EAD through pending AOS. The first case is temporary and depends on the primary applicant status. See if thats their concern and clarify...
    Good luck!!!


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  • kushaljn
    01-03 03:05 AM
    My Experience (PIMS):

    I was interviewed at Mumbai Consulate on 28th Dec. At the interview I was told that I will receive an email from the consulate within 24-48 hrs at which time I will have to resubmit my passport at any one of the western US VFS centers along with the email and the yellow paper and a photo copy of my I-797.

    I gave my passport to one of my friends in Mumbai and continued with the rest of my trip. Till date I have not received any emails from the consulate.

    Any body in similar situation and any tips on what should be the next course of action.


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  • leoindiano
    01-08 05:21 PM
    Just an idea !

    Please stress about how you cannot buy a house because your immigrant status is always in limbo and you have plans to buy house as soon as you receive greencard.

    Look at the market today. It tanked another 250 points. Give greencards, alleviate mortgage crisis to an extent.

    06-16 03:18 PM
    Desi, that is a question to OP who is shouting that for sure l1 violation happened. Why are touching your nose? :p

    But you have put your post in the forum and in this thread. You didn't send him PM.

    It seems, you have no answers to my questions in mentioned in the post. That's why you have chosen personal attack.

    Have a good day!

    10-02 04:14 PM
    I am a july 2nd filer and filed my second application on Aug 15th.
    Now that I have got receipts for July 2nd applications, I have put stop payments on the checks on Aug 15th application.
    My hope is that my 2nd application will not be processed.
    I am seeing people getting multiple #A numbers and delays.

    If you have filed multiple I485s, pls share your expiences here.

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