Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • Seek_Gc
    11-03 10:42 AM


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  • skagitswimmer
    July 26th, 2005, 12:00 PM
    These are nice photos but I for one would appreciate it if new threads are started for discussions and new photographs are added to your personal galleries and if you like critique requests. That way we can look at your photographs by thumbnail and keep the topics on new threads to ones which are topical.

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  • Blog Feeds
    02-01 08:20 AM
    South African-born Dave Matthews, the lead singer of rock band the Dave Matthews Band is having a great year with his most recent album, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King nominated this evening for a Grammy for Album of the Year. Matthews gave a great performance at the Haiti telethon last weekend with Neil Young. He's been active in a number of other charities helping farmers, Hurricane Katrina victims and victims of the Virginia Tech shooting (Matthews' hometown is Charlottesville, Virginia). Matthews is also an actor and has been in a number of movies including Because of Winn-Dixie, a favorite...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/01/immigrant-of-the-day-dave-matthews-musician.html)

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  • ermagesh
    07-06 06:13 PM
    Temporary Restraining Order of July Visa Bulletin Lawsuit Filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois as Separate from AILF Class Action
    On July 6, 2007, the attorneys of Azulay, Horn & Seiden lawfirm filed this lawsuit individually in Illinois

    is this true???



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  • kedar_007
    02-06 07:54 AM
    I am taking up a new job... The pay is good (10% more) and position is also of a senior lead developer.. I am not even leaving the area.. The company is 5 times bigger than my current one... I have an EAD card valid till Sept end 2008....What is your opinion. Should I go for the new offer? I am worried if anything will happen to my GC processing. Please help me make a decision.. Thanks as always...

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  • gc_kaavaali
    09-20 03:19 PM
    It should be okay. I sent to my attorney as well as my HR. I do not see any issues as long as it is just GC copy.

    My attorney asked me to send a copy of my GC to make sure the info is correctly printed. Is it ok send it to them?


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  • ames
    03-04 09:18 PM

    I am newly registered here - although I have often turned to your tutorials over the years in Flash as I continue update my skills.

    Just thought I would give it a go and enter your latest contest. :)

    Here is my self portrait entry illustrated in Flash...

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  • mirage
    03-02 11:39 AM
    As most of you know we formed a focus group to work on the 'Country Cap issue'.
    We have a letter ready to be sent out the the lawmakers to lift the Cap - may be temporarily- I would request you guys to spend 5 minutes and 42 cents and send it out to your senators and congressmen/Congresswomen�.If 50 people from California can send this letter to 'Congresswoman Zoe Logfren', I'm sure it will some some difference...

    Here�s the Letter to The Lawmakers file�



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  • prem_goel
    06-16 07:37 PM
    I've been visiting forums for the past 2 weeks since my petition at CSC is pending under Premium Processing. I don't think this is accurate especially for I-129 pending at CSC, VSC as I see in the forums that for several people its taking more than 2 months for regular H-1B.

    IN my case, I filed under PP at CSC on 25th May. They received via fedex on 27th May, but they issued me a receipt on 6th June only. Going at all the forums, it appears its happening with everyone. Then they issue a RFE on the 14th day of the receipt.

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  • gccovet
    06-25 03:17 PM
    Is there any way to know if 140 revoked after approval.is there any change in LUD ?

    Put the reciept # in the USCIS online case status, if you see a LUD, check the case status, you might be able to see the "new text/info"


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  • TexDBoy
    09-05 05:12 PM
    Where is your I-140 approved from?

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  • kirupa
    02-28 04:15 PM


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  • ivp33
    05-30 05:56 PM
    Hello forum participants.
    I am a dependent on an I-485 application, with my father being the primary applicant. The application has been pending since 2001, so I decided to first threaten USCIS with a lawsuit, and then maybe file a writ of mandamus. My question is whether I have authority to do so as a dependent. Can I represent the whole family or at least myself? My father is leaving the country for some time and it will be hard for him to participate in the process.

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  • casinoroyale
    11-09 11:39 AM

    Its "US Workers" not "us workers".


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  • Lord Goldeneyes
    04-29 03:45 PM
    lol... true enough... the other one was the chick they use for advertising.. she is actually holding a pizza slice, but you cant really see it...

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  • bskmama
    07-03 05:54 AM
    I'm creating a game in silverlight which would move the object up,down,left or right. i want it to be smooth when i move it. However when i hold the Key, it'll move, and pause for a split second and continue moving smoothly. how do i erase the pause so i can mak the object move smoothly when i hold the keyboard button.

    Thank you :)


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  • pappu
    08-20 03:36 PM
    You have not updated your profile
    You do not want to attend the rally
    You do not want to volunteer....

    ... and you want to mobilize the community?? for what?
    reciept notices?

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  • pani_6
    08-03 10:09 PM
    WHITE TIE MARCH..how does that sound...
    Lets all follow dress code...White Ties, blue(Or DArk) COAT,Polished Shoes...and DARK GLASS(Representing Leagally Blind)...

    Get Students to join by contacting ISA.. and giving them a Free ride to DC from near by places.

    Dont Forget to Carry Us flags and God bless America banners!

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  • moveahead123
    11-05 02:43 AM

    04-12 03:51 PM
    Yes. Your dependents can go for a H4 visa stamping provided you (primary h1 beneficiary) were always in status. (which from your post looks like you were)
    You will have to send your paystubs, latest h1 approval notice etc - with your family for the
    h4 visa interview.


    04-19 09:47 AM

    The seminar recordings are available here for download. Can any of our friendly lawyers give us? or upload for us?

    We want to know what USCIS officials spoke in the conference. Why is such useful information hidden from public and people have to pay $495. Why is all information paid? Such information can help all of us know what USCIS plans to help us.

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