Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • G
    01-29 02:22 PM
    bump :)

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  • Rolling_Flood
    08-26 08:59 PM
    Are there people who are current now, who have no Priority Date mentioned on the I-485, EAD and AP receipts? (i.e. the PD box is blank)

    The priority date is shown on my I-140 receipt, but not on the aforementioned documents.

    Does anyone know how to correct this problem? Thanks much.

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  • smaram1
    09-21 11:03 PM
    I had Mar 05 PD through RIR but lost it as i never applied for I140. 4 other guys from my company are in the same boat as mine...

    Current PD is Oct 05 through PERM...

    By the way i dont think we can ever find the count between Jan 05 - Mar 05 through this thread...Data from FOIA request would be more helpful

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  • TheRealAlan
    10-25 05:45 PM
    Surely you can afford to pay $95 a year at for that. There are even cheaper deals than that around. It doesn't cost that much.


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  • britben14
    03-16 08:59 AM
    I am an American who has been a french man for the past 3 1/2 years. We met in college which he had a student visa to attend. Afterwards we moved together for him to get a job. At that time he still had a valid student visa and an OPT. We decided to move to France, but now after a year, I am ready to go home. We were PACSed (like a civil union) in France, but it is not valid in the states. I have read many things saying my boyfriend would need an H1B visa to work and stay. I have spent the past 2 days searching for companies that might sponsor him, which I have found none. He is a college graduate of East Tennessee State University, with a bachelor degree in business management. I have talked to people that all say to just get married but being 22 and 24 years old we want to wait and I don't want to say we got married for him to live in the states. My question is what are really his options? I would love to come back to the states ASAP but I want him there too. Are there lists of companies hiring and sponsoring H1B visas? Thank you so much for any help! It is very much appreciated!!

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  • fromnaija
    08-03 07:12 PM
    You will apply at the local SSA (Social Security Administration) office and not at USCIS. Your card will be mailed to you within 15 days in most states.

    Please forgive my ignorance Gurus but I want to know when EAD is approved, how would one receive a SSN? Does that need to applied separately at the local USCIS office? If yes, then as per my understanding this would mean a further delay before one can start work, since it takes time to receive a SSN.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

    I am referring a common scenario for all H4 visa holders who do not have a SSN.

    Please share some knowledge on this.


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  • Biking
    05-30 04:54 PM
    Can anyone tell me how long it will take to receive card after receiving welcome email?

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  • immi2006
    07-22 02:27 AM
    Should we have a spread sheet in google for it ?


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  • roseball
    07-27 06:23 PM
    It was a nightmare for few weeks but, long story short...I got my new passport after the Embassy cannot find my original I sent for renewal. Please let me know if I need to get it stamped within any timeframe. My current I-797 expires MAY 2010. I have an approved 140 and EAD but my attourney suggested to stay on H1B.

    Appreciate your feedback and help in this matter.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    You dont need a visa stamp on your new passport unless you want to use it to re-enter US when you travel. There is no time line associated with getting a visa stamp. You just need to make sure you keep extending your H1 status and get an I-94 with the extension approval. If you have an AP you can use it for re-entering and still can continue working on H1 for the same employer. Else, when you travel the next time, you can setup a visa appointment and get H1 stamped on your new passport.

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  • veni001
    09-07 11:29 AM

    Currently I am in US in H1B and my I-94 is expires in Sept 30 2010 and there is an extension filed for my H1.

    In the mean time I want to file I-130 and I-485 based on my brothers citizenship.
    Whether the status will change before sept 30 2010? Also if I leave US whether the application will be still valid and how much time it takes to get an approval for both?

    Thank You,

    Family 4th preference is retrogressed by a decade ( or two if you are from Philippines), so you may have to wait another 10 years to be eligible to file i-485.:confused:


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  • panky72
    06-25 11:12 PM
    Hi gurus,

    I have question to you. I am July 2007 filer. My EAD and My wife EAD expiring on 09-25-2008. I applied both renewal Yesterday(06-24-2008 -90 days before).
    recently My wife moved from H1B and working on EAD ( I am still working on H1B).

    1. If we wont get EAD cards in time (i.e. before 09-25-2008). What will be her status after 09-25-2008 ?

    2. Can she change back to H4 or can she change back to H1?

    Please advice me.

    Don't worry about your status after EAD expires. As long as you have pending I-485 you are in status. Its a different matter that she might have to stop working until EAD is approved. That said, USCIS is super-fast in approving EAD and actually people have been complaining about it:D
    Look at this thread

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  • MatsP
    June 5th, 2007, 05:54 AM
    From this ( I take it that the answer to your questions is:
    It doesn't detract from the image quality.
    It doesn't change the aperture (speed) of the lens.

    However, you only get manual focusing, manual exposoure and manual aperture settings. So you don't get any of the fancy features that the camera offers.

    Considering that the above site is asking a rather large amount of money for the adapter itself, I'd say that it's probably only worth it if you find some good old manual Nikon lenses [it's no point in getting fancy AF, VR lenses, as either of those features will not work anyways].



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  • gondalguru
    07-11 05:26 PM
    I have filed I-485 as derivative on my spouse case with his PD of EB3 Dec2005 as his I-140 was also approved in july 2007. I have AP/EAD through it, but have never used them.

    I am currently on H1B and just got my I-140 approved through my employer in EB2. My priority is Feb 2005 which is much earlier than his EB3 Dec 2005. The approved I140 has the same Alien # that I received through my pending AOS case filed earlier in july 2007..

    Do you recommend filing I-485 again based on August bulletin now that my PD is current.

    How does processing date working in tandem with Priority Date.

    What is your take on multiple I-485 filing.

    Another option will be utilize consular processing with your approved I-140 especially with your current PD.

    You may not need to file another I-485. If you applied through lawyer -- ask your lawyer to interfile your and your spouse's I-485 with your approved EB2 I-140. It will save you time and money.

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  • onemorecame
    07-25 02:27 PM
    Please let me know. My lawyer has taken my personal checks and sent them to USCIS...
    Yes you are fine...


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  • SunnySide
    04-03 04:22 PM
    Recently my I-140 petition for EB2 was denied on educational grounds . The employer opened an MTR/appeal.

    Is it possible to re-file the I-140 petition in EB3 using the same labor certification, while the first I-140 is pending appeal at AAO.

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  • PDOCT05
    09-30 12:04 PM
    My I-140 approved from SRC and LUD on my App is 07/28. I guess all of our applications are in the same packet...that packet yet to be open.


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  • vidyasagar
    11-30 02:10 AM
    Hi Vaibhav,

    Can you help me.

    I want to rotate any 3D object which was uploaded from opendialogbox.

    Pls help me in this.


    I am new to wpf. i am working on my project in WPF on 3d objects where i managed to add the functionality of zoom and rotate but struggling to add pan tool. can you please help me achieve that. I downloaded the 3dtools.dll from code plex website and added to reference in blend along with trackball codes therefore my zoom and rotate started working. But doesn't have pan functionality yet.


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  • rjgleason
    April 28th, 2007, 08:55 PM
    Allen's Camera......and if he doesn't have it, he'll get it.

    Starting the state chapter for New Mexico [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Starting the state chapter for New Mexico

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  • NikNikon
    August 26th, 2004, 09:42 AM
    I've been noticing for some time now no matter what I have my white balance set on that every time I upload my pictures to my gallery it always reads "cloudy" in my EXIF data. Has anyone else noticed this type of discrepancy with thier photos?

    12-07 03:03 PM
    Does USCIS usually says this. i assume it should say "AP approved " or something similar. Have anyone seen this message on tracking your online case status.

    Thanks for any info.


    07-23 10:41 AM
    For EB3 case, after receiving the approval for I 140, I know that we have to wait till DOL Proiority Date is current to be able to file for I485.

    If we decide to receive the green card in any consulars overseas, can we just go ahead and file the I485 after getting the I140 approval? (without waiting for PD to be current):

    I am sorry to put it to you this way...............

    but you are deep inside in a hopeless tunnel and you have delusions that there may be a hole you can escape through. Nope.

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