Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • visacase
    06-21 04:04 PM
    file it immediately and start working for C. If there is an RFE, it'd take few months by that time you just send ur current pay stubs. INS is generally flexible for a month or so..act fast

    Do you mean start working for company C or D coz I wanna work for company D?

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  • maitabasa
    07-26 10:05 PM
    I obtained an H1B visa through Company A (starting October 2008) and the H1B visa was valid until September 2011, unfortunately in March 2009 I was laid off. As a result to maintain my status I switched from an H1B visa to a B1/B2 visa. I actually went to my home country and got the visitors visa from the consulate in my home country. In July 2009 I returned to the USA and entered the USA as a visitor on a B1/B2 visa.

    My question now is what happens if I obtain employment. What does my new employer have to do? Since my initial H1B approval is valid until September 2011, can by new employer just take over the H1B without me having to go through the lottery system again even though currently I am on a visitors visa and have been unemployed for more than 3 months?

    Thank you.

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  • metzkim
    09-04 10:23 AM
    Hi guys,

    I am new to this forum. I am a recruiter and I have a candidate for a position in the US who is close to getting an offer. Here is my situation, any help would be appreciated.

    Candidate is a Canadian Citizen currently in the US working with TN (Nafta Visa)

    He has renewed his TN 4 times.

    He is now close to receiving an offer from my client, but his current company just filed his petition for a H1B visa.

    Not sure what is best for him and new employer. Candidate just received an email from his HR that he can't travel during petition, but would the new job, he will need to go to Israel for training. Can he make a request to his current employer to withdraw his petition once he decides to change companies in order to do TN visa again?

    Any help would me much appreciated.

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  • neeidd
    03-04 01:04 PM

    I am wondering if I can sent both my and mywifes EAD applications in one envelope to USCIS or do I have to send them separately. I am not asking to save money on postal costs , as everyone knows we all spent 1000's of dollars in this GC process. I am only asking so that our(my and mywife) applications are processed together?

    Thanks in advance for your input



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  • Lok_sumi
    03-18 03:51 PM
    My H1B visa stamping has expired and I have valid AP. Can I travel. I have also changed job using AC21. Please advice.

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  • amitg
    08-07 11:50 AM
    i have a valid H1 visa on my passport till 14th dec 2007. yesterday i got the new I-797 with I-94(I-94 dates are mentioned as 15th Dec 2007 to 14th Dec 2010). Since my visa is expiring on 14th Dec 2007, I want to go for stamping before Dec 2007 to Nogales (i have some travel plans in Jan 2008). When can i go for(how soon) stamping. I am planning to go this sept. CAn I ?????


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  • indyanguy
    05-30 09:03 AM
    Any help? .. anyone?

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  • nc9595
    02-06 04:30 PM
    An L-1 work visa is issued to an executive of a company that has worked with his/her company outside of the USA for at least one year. Dependents receive L-2 visas and a spouse can apply for an EAD. Trouble is, if the exec is laid off, all of the dependant visas immediately expire and both the exec and his/her spouse must leave the USA!

    Any ideas how to alleviate this issue? Getting a H1B visa is impractical since they are so scarce.

    Also in this case, is the exec's employer liable for relocation expenses?


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  • ExoVoid
    04-10 11:06 PM
    OK, I'll lighten it, add the value, and maybe edit the grid size. Thanks for the input ya'll

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  • des47
    01-15 11:47 AM
    Can you get second OPT doing a different Master's though you already had Master's. Did something change? The last I checked, you could get your second OPT only if you complete a higher degree like PhD than what you have.

    Please advice. Thanks


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  • KarachiWala
    12-12 07:19 PM
    I have my AP approved H1 valid till 2009 but stamp expired. If I marry a non us resident and bring her on H4 and Myself enter in US using AP. Does it mean that my H1 is invalidated?

    Does it mean that my wife's H4 will be invalidated also and she becomes out of status since my H1 is invalidated?

    Or I am completely wrong here?

    I can't file her 485 since my PD is not current and also I cant have h1 restamped cause it takes way long to get it stamped.

    Any Idea?

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  • logus
    10-13 09:52 PM
    Hi all,

    I am in the middle of H1-B transfer from Comp A to Comp B.. I have an urgent question,
    Company A didn't run my payroll from 11/26/07-4/11/08 because i was out of the project,since then i have had a consistent payroll no gaps, my question is

    1.will that affect my H1-b transfer?
    2.will USCIS go back that far to verify my paystubs?, and

    Please Please Please reply , if possible any attorneys

    Thanks in Advance


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  • pappu
    01-05 11:21 AM
    A member suggested that it maybe a good idea to have IV presence on facebook. This will help increase our publicity among our friends whom we can recommend to join. Our aim is to get as much publicity and membership at this time so that we can succeed in our upcoming campaigns.

    We have a group called 'Immigration Voice' on Facebook now started by IV core.

    Could you now help us increase the publicity of IV on facebook among your friends so that we get more participation on IV site

    Someone who knows facebook well, pls post ideas how we can use it best to our advantage.

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  • atiq4
    10-07 04:35 PM
    First time I applied Labor Certification (LC) in 2004(pending, not approved or denied) and second time I applied on PERM without porting the first Labor application date with same company, same catagory(EB3) and same job description which approved with PD Feb 2006. I applied 485 on july last year when all PD were current.

    Question: Can I port my PD from the first Labor application date now.


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  • nozerd
    02-08 05:13 PM
    If they are Singapore Passport holders they dont even need visa. Singapore (last I knew atleast) was a visa waiver country.

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  • pappu
    07-02 12:08 PM


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  • bfadlia
    12-11 12:05 PM
    Apparently, no movement for EB3 ROW from November 2006 - April 2007:

    November - 2006: 01AUG02

    April - 2007: 01AUG02

    In May 2007, it jumped to 01AUG03. I hope that there will be a movement in Jan 2009, Feb 2009 VB but looking at the trends it doesn't smee like there will be any.

    I thought they changed their mindset from having no movement most of the year then jumping ahead several years in the last quarter and playing catch up.. this is what got them the 07 fiasco
    but apparently they are repeating the trend
    this no movement for ROW makes no sense at all

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  • add78
    04-22 03:31 PM
    any thoughts on this please??

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  • ksrk
    12-24 06:39 PM
    Hello Friends,

    My AP is expired on December 9th 2008. I would like to renew my AP. Could you please provide the details on how to renew my AP? or Does it come as a new process instead of renewal?


    It is indeed considered a renewal. And it costs something like $350.
    You might want to check for further information.

    08-06 04:36 PM
    thanks for the info. I called the PP toll free number and was told that they will not do PP since I did not attach the original Lobor certificate with it. So I think I can expect my approval in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks! Hopefully ;)

    In my case i filed for I-140 and had a notice to deny bacause they put the worng name on the application....:eek:
    we then refiled a second i-140, but processing was stopped on that because they needed the original labor cert. from my first i-140.
    i filed on 19th May, and finally got approved on 27th July, although i did file PP.
    So i would say a couple of months is about right for the labor cert. to be transferred from one case to another.

    01-16 09:04 PM

    I can't find an optimal place to put this question, so I'll put it here.

    According to this web page:

    IMBRA, HR3402 questionaire (

    If I don't use a compliant marriage broker to meet my fiance, then my K1 visa gets denied, automatically, because I met via a "black market" broker, for lack of a better term.

    Is that true, or is he just trying to scare me into using HIS service? I've read the ENTIRE text of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (it's not a very big statute to read; it's a subsection of a much larger act), and it never says anything about how I should get denied to sponsor my fiance's visa because my BROKER didn't conduct the background checks.

    I wouldn't be this concerned if it weren't for the fact that there are very few sites that seem to comply with IMBRA's criminal background check regulations. I have no problem telling the woman that I'm not a criminal (I've got nothing to hide), but why should I be denied the right to marry her, forever and ever, with no recourse, since the damage has already been done, because my BROKER messed up?

    The only negative consequence I've read in this act is that the broker has to pay a fine if he doesn't conduct the background checks. Whoopdie doo! What does that have to do with me?! As long as I get the visa for my soul mate, I could care less what happens to my broker; he's done his job as far as I'm concerned.

    Is my intuition correct? If that web page is true, can you refer me to the exact clause that states that meeting via a non-compliant broker constitutes an automatic visa rejection?

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