Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • kirupa
    03-01 08:43 PM
    It can be done in Swift 3D. First, create a box. Then create a pyramid shape and place it above the box. Color the pyramid red and the box a white or brown. You now have a house. I do apologize for the terseness of this message; I'm in a hurry to help more people!!!! :) If this does not help, please reply back and I'll try to elaborate!

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  • HereIComeGC
    03-17 04:28 PM
    Few days back, I saw a thread for Poll for how many EB2 Cases are pending per year. Now I can't find it. Can anyone please point me to it?

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  • Dr. Barry Post
    03-31 11:02 PM

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  • Skelerex
    07-11 04:21 PM
    So, This is a very simple tee i came up with. I figured i would make one relating to Kirupa, and its also a great way to get Kirupa noticed all over the world. Not the best one ive seen on here, but i just wanted to get it out.

    http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/2746/kirupatdc102010.gif (http://img3.imageshack.us/i/kirupatdc102010.gif/)

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)


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  • ravise
    12-09 10:39 AM
    my cousin traveled from chennai to nyc via brussels , used AP. No issues.

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  • GC_dude
    03-30 10:05 PM
    Pl. advise what all documents do I need to send to USCIS for extending stay on visitor visa for my parents.From all the sources I read so far here is the list of documents that I feel that needs to included :

    2)Letter to USCIS (from me the sponsor) explaining the reason for extending the stay.Please post any letter format that I can use.
    3)Copy of parents passport
    4)Copy of I-94
    5)Copy of original return ticket (with return date in 6 month from 1st entry)
    6)$300 fees

    Questions :

    Do I need to sent I-131
    Do I need to send bank statement and recenet paychecks
    Do I need to buy new ticket for extended date and send a copy?

    This is a last minute decision.I-94 expires in 3 weeks.PLease help .



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  • windycloud
    09-18 04:33 PM
    I can't help but notice that about 1/4 of recently processed audit cases were denied. As it goes now, I'll have to wait about another 6 month for a 75% chance to pass. Well for where the economy is headed right now it all probably won't matter anymore in 6 months.

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  • Macaca
    11-10 05:44 PM
    Why Moderate Republicans Wield Newfound Clout; Democrats Need Allies To Override Bush Vetoes Of Major Legislation (http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB119457364946187455.html) By David Rogers. Wall Street Journal, Nov 9, 2007

    Long ignored when their party was in control, moderate Republicans are the new power brokers in an increasingly bitter series of veto confrontations between President Bush and the Democratic Congress.

    Senior Democrats met last night with centrist House Republicans, trying to get a veto-proof majority for a child-health-insurance initiative opposed by Mr. Bush. Senate moderates played a part in an earlier 79-14 roll call overriding his veto of a water-resources bill. Moderates in both chambers will decide the future of a $151 billion education, labor and health-care budget approved by the House last night, 274-141, with 51 Republicans opposing the president.

    The new dynamic reflects both the Democratic takeover of Congress and how Mr. Bush responded to it. In 1994, after Republicans took over, President Clinton saw a new middle ground defined by the election and moved away from fellow liberals in Congress. Mr. Bush did the opposite, moving to the right to shore up his conservative base, leaving an opening in the center.

    The White House's more-confrontational tactics are a strategy calculated to disrupt the new majority and reduce the effectiveness of Congress to challenge Mr. Bush on the war in Iraq. The result has been a convergence of veto threats over spending levels and domestic policy, leaving little time for the two sides to reach deals.

    A stopgap bill to keep the government funded until Dec. 14 neared passage last night, and Democrats have agreed to give the president his top priority: a $471 billion Pentagon budget including emergency funds for armored vehicles in Iraq. But new fights flared up in the House over war policy, and there is no peace in sight on the domestic front.

    The education budget faces an almost certain veto. A $105.6 billion transportation and housing budget, approved by House-Senate negotiators, faces the same fate.

    The White House argues that Democrats won no mandate in 2006 to increase spending and have floundered over how best to present the bills to Mr. Bush. "Their strategy changes by the hour," White House Budget Director Jim Nussle said. "I get different answers from every one of them."

    Unaccustomed to the spotlight, Republican moderates find themselves in an uncomfortable role somewhere between being tied to the railroad tracks as the Democrats and White House come barreling down, and being the switchman who can save the train.

    Yesterday's Senate vote on the water-resources veto was the first time Mr. Bush has been overridden. The more-telling test will come on the child-health-insurance and education bills now in play.

    The health-care bill calls for an additional $35 billion in spending over the next five years to expand coverage for the children of working-class families. To win over moderates, Democrats are prepared to add tighter income limits and push more parents off the rolls. There has been a backlash from New Jersey and Rhode Island senators worried about the impact on their states; at the same time, House Republican leaders are pressing to pull their members back.

    "There's a decent chance of a deal," said Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D., Mont.).

    "I'm seeing the potential for some successes," said Rep. Joseph Knollenberg (R., Mich.).

    As talks continue, a synergy has developed between the fate of the child-health bill and education budget, known as the "Labor H" bill -- so much so that the health talks even moved into the House Appropriations Committee rooms last night as members voted on the floor.

    On a vote Tuesday night, it was evident that Republicans, who had stood with the president against the health-care bill, were looking for a chance to show their independence on the second bill, Labor H.

    "There was a lot of talk in the corner. 'I'm getting a lot of heat at home because of my [health-care] vote,'" said Rep. Steven LaTourette (R., Ohio). "'I have to make it right on Labor H.'"

    In crafting the package, House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D., Wis.) has moved to the right to win over Republicans. Spending has been cut by about $1 billion below the level approved by the House in July, and antiabortion language has been preserved for conservatives.

    "I've been told many times by the White House that they have no intention of compromising," he warned in a last appeal to moderates last night. "It's put up or shut up time."


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  • Robert Kumar
    03-23 07:48 PM
    Approved i-140

    How many days is it taking these days for 140 to get approved.

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  • sands_14
    07-20 09:28 AM
    No problem Chief.
    We have similar case and its okay.


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  • Blog Feeds
    12-05 09:20 PM
    From UPI: U.S. Latinos, feeling neglected by both parties, are discussing forming an independent "Tequila Party" force, leaders say. "I don't know if it's going to happen, but there's talk," Fernando Romero, president of Nevada's Hispanics in Politics, told the Las Vegas Sun. "There's discussion about empowerment of the Latino vote." The idea, being debated in Nevada and around the country, stems from frustration over the Democrats' inaction on immigration reform and feelings of being taken for granted. While I wouldn't put too much credence in this happening any time soon, it does raise the point that Latinos expect more...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/11/warning-to-dems-latinos-could-form-new-political-party.html)

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  • sumanitha
    05-05 03:30 PM

    Is it possible to apply for a Green card for my parents if I am a Green card holder?



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  • redelite
    09-25 02:21 PM
    Good lord.. I clicked on this thread because I had no clue wtf you were trying to say.. now I get it.. :suppose_maybe:

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  • sln2001
    09-25 10:07 PM
    Recently i have joined a new employer after my H1 transfer has been applied, today i have recieved approval notice and its approved until October 15 2007,
    were has my previous h1 was valid until October 2008. Please help how should i proceed ?

    Please provide more information:
    Was this transfer for a 7th year extension ?
    Was it based on existing I140/pending labor application?


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  • cfargo
    September 27th, 2004, 03:19 PM
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    Curt Fargo

    H1B quota 2007 [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : H1B quota 2007

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  • Mark101
    05-03 07:56 AM

    My situation -
    I am a homemaker on H4 since 2007. ( My husband on H1 ).
    Doing MS on H4 ( with few credits still to go )( not full time ).
    H4 is due stamping ( Already extended till 2012 ).

    Objective -
    - To be on F1, to utilize CPT / OPT.


    QUESTION - - Which one is better H4 to F1 in US via change of status - I-539 ( BUT That
    way i had to face the consulate again for F1 stamping ( Also, very few
    credits are left with my MS as in now ))
    Directly F1 Visa stamping at
    US consulate in India ( It'll be surely fast, that way i won't have to go back for stamping with very few credits left ) ?


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  • Juan-E
    03-09 01:17 PM
    :evil: if you are looking for a Digital graphic designer with experience in the photoshop, flash and freehand tools, i'm here. Please conctact me for prices without compromisses, or visit www.graphix-is.com (http://www.graphix-is.com) [SIZE=3][COLOR=darkred] :evil: or if you like contactme via email please click here (ventas@graphix-is.com)

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  • khmo
    07-02 02:22 PM
    On 25 Jun 09 President Obama holds a press conference on immigration reform where Mr. President mention about the new customer friendly, efficient, effective and transparent website will be launch in 90 days...

    Please go the USCIS home page and take the online Survey. please make sure write your comments that what improvements you want in the website. here is link

    USCIS - Help Improve uscis.gov Website (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=c16516ee3d132210VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCR D&vgnextchannel=4b18dc4d88889010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)

    I wrote that we need more information on our pending cases...

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  • nightowl76
    10-31 12:58 AM

    My I-485 was filed this July. My wife and I got FP notices for Nov 20. But my wife is currently in India and I will be in India too on Nov 20. So we will have to reschedule at least for my wife.

    My question is, has anyone who filed their I-485 after July 2 rescheduled their FP appt and got a new appt date? I'm in the San Jose area.

    Thanks in advance.

    07-22 09:01 PM
    When we file 485 AOS along with EAD & APL, these are three seperate forms, so we get three seperate receipt numbers?

    is that correct?
    What abt 485 for wife? is that also another receipt notice?

    04-07 06:28 PM
    and escape TARP and H1B mess

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