Monday, June 27, 2011


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  • RenaissanceGirl
    10-02 12:51 PM
    New wacom?! Oooh, what did you get?

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  • jcrajput
    05-11 09:16 AM
    My I-485 is pending and priority date is OCT 2006. We have EAD which expires in DEC 2010. I also have H1B visa which expires on JUN 2010 (After 3 years of extension after I-140 approval.) My question is:

    1. Is it worth having H1B visa extended just in-case? Will extending H1B visa cause any problems with pending I-485?

    I appriciate yr help.


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  • brij523
    03-02 06:00 AM
    hi anyone there!!

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  • nsolanki77
    01-18 06:45 PM
    In 2005 I (american citizen) applied for a I-130 petition for my husband who is an Indian citizen. (It was approved.) Then after that the case was placed under administrative review at the Mumbai embassy in India. It is still pending for over four years now. As of Sept. 2008 My husband recieved a letter stating the petition was sent to the USCIS here for review and possible revocation. We were told to contact them here for our case. They can not find anything on our case.

    He is now in Canada on a student visa. Can I apply for a K-3 visa while he is in canada on a student visa? I was told he would need to go back to India for me to apply for a K-3 visa. USCIS agent told me to take the steps in applying for a K-3 visa for him.
    Can I?


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  • TimeSaver
    05-17 09:46 AM
    Hi All,

    I need some advice from gurus.

    1. My company filed for my labor and then EB2-140 with March 2007 PD.
    2. A labor became available with EB3 specs and September 2002 priority date.
    3. I wanted to capture that but my company lawyer said no stick with EB2.
    4. Just before July 07 fiasco, when labor-sub was getting eliminated, I asked and applied for labor-sub I140 with Eb3 and September 02 PD.
    5. Filed I485 with EB3 140's copy and receipt number.
    6. Just recently both of the 140s got approved.
    7. Eb3 PD is not current but if I could use the EB3 pd to put into EB2, I could be current. Is there a way or am I day dreaming?


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  • ddeka
    03-21 01:21 PM

    Please let me know if you know any good Immigration Lawyer in Boston area.

    Also can someone please let me know if I can work as a W2 Consultant to any company using EAD?

    Appreciate your help.




  • Seb Hughes
    06-06 12:30 PM
    Nice stamps

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  • uma001
    10-10 08:50 AM
    Do you have project in hand already?
    What do you mean by you need to start the ' job' on Octt 25..Is that mean you need to join the client for project??
    You can always say different at embassy because they dont know your start date


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  • Anil_s
    03-02 08:01 PM

    My H1B extension got approved in last December but my visa document is lost in post when my HR send to me(I have a copy of the same).Can you please advice how to get duplicate of the same and how much time it should take for the same

    Thank You,

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  • sobers
    02-17 06:58 PM

    McCain Plans a Visit To Rally For Immigration Reform Plan

    By DANIELA GERSON - Staff Reporter of the NY Sun
    February 17, 2006

    A Republican senator is coming to New York to rally support for an immigration reform plan that is winning many fans in immigrant circles. He'll likely arrive before New York's Democratic senators even take a public stance on the divisive issue.

    Senator McCain, a Republican of Arizona who will likely run for president in 2008, will headline a town hall meeting and rally for immigration reform expected to attract 1,000 people to Lower Manhattan on February 27. The evening will be an opportunity for him to push the bipartisan bill he is sponsoring with Senator Kennedy, a Democrat of Massachusetts.


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  • gg_ny
    02-14 06:33 AM
    Good morning, welcome back. Hope you had a nice sleepful day ;-)

    VISA BULLETIN FOR MARCH 2007 is out No change in EB2.

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  • arunkotte
    07-22 10:24 AM
    One required initial evidence (not medical) was not included in my recently submitted 485. Is it possible to send it now without receipt before 08/17?
    If it's possible, what's the proper procedure?

    Please kindly share your comments and experience.

    What is that initial evidence?


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  • smsthss
    02-18 10:39 PM
    Has the LC/PERM been approved based on EB2 is the question? IF yes, you should also try for it and ask your employer.

    The new eb2 perm has been applied and pending.

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  • sjhugoose
    January 8th, 2004, 10:09 PM
    I would clip the levels a lot more agressively. That would get rid of some of the haziness of the pic!

    If you like Email me and Then I can email the image to you!



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  • bpratap
    09-10 02:05 AM
    How do U know if FBI Name check is complete or not ?

    PD - EB3 - Oct 2001
    486 - RD 06/05
    1st FP - 07/13/2005
    1st SR - 08/04/2006 - Shame Background check pending responce
    Transfer to V to T on 03/15/07
    2nd FP - 05/08/07
    2nd SR - 06/28/2007 - Shame Background check pending responce
    FBI NC Cleared - 10/09/2007

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  • sachuin23
    10-06 02:58 PM

    My company has started process of applying for my Green card in EB2 category. However, attorney has some issues with that.

    I joined my company on a post completion OPT based on completion of course work in January 09. At that time I was MS thesis student and had to just defend my thesis. However later in Feb, because of some differences with my adviser, I converted to MS Non thesis and graduated in May 2009 with the course work that I had completed in Dec 08. In all respects, I had completed all coursework requirements for my degree prior to Dec 2008. My company's attorney recently told me that this may be a problem for an EB2 case as I joined company before I graduated with MS.

    I have all documents available with me that all course work for the degree was completed before I joined the company.

    I am bit worried. Can some one advise me on this? I will be grateful.



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  • sanju_dba
    02-11 09:49 AM
    are you doing/done AOS or CP for your GC ?
    After you get your GC , ideally you have to keep doing your job role mentioned/related in your LC. Pay cannot be less than local wages set in Labor dept.
    If you are compelled to work for your Sponsoring employer then may be 6months is enough .

    - Above are just my thoughts, please consult a immigration attorney!

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  • rsdang1
    08-25 02:01 PM
    I think he is spot on...

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  • abd
    09-20 04:01 PM
    Substitue labor is excluded

    04-26 09:04 PM

    I have a question, for my fresh petition 2010 will it be subject to the H1B CAP??

    There are many diferent opinions, i too understood that renewals and extensions wont be subject to cap. But there is no clear statement on my scenario.


    12-16 12:33 PM
    Well, when I talked to lawyer, even though he knew I have degree and Nclex from US, he asked me to get CGFNS visa screen.

    Does this makes sense?

    Thanks for you answer.

    You may do well to direct your question here:

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