Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • Googler
    10-22 01:19 PM

    Update and reference material on namechecks

    Nice job summarizing what we know.

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  • trikap
    05-22 06:40 PM
    If you can restart ur app in Eb2, you should be fine dates wise. Unless CIR messes it up.

    Approximately 2 months for PERM and then you can file 140+485 concurrently.
    All the best!

    thanks, I am going to look into that also.

    I am still trying to talk the old employer. Is it such a big deal that they cant even write a letter of future employment for me? i told them that they are not obligated to hire me but they are scared that they are trying to show that they are in losses and that by filing for a GC and promising a future employment they will not be able to show that they are suffering losses.

    Why is it so difficult and complicated?

    I am losing hope in it.

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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 10:45 AM
    Its sad to see this policy is working. Divide on EB3/EB2 bases etc. We are fighting a common cause to eliminate employment based country quota system. I'm surprised that IV is allowing such threads to be posted. If it so, its a v sad day for IV.

    Read your post again, we are already divided. Why would ROW candidate want to eleminate country quota and let you be in front of him...

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  • mpadapa
    08-22 05:03 PM
    I think we are fighting the wrong fight. I do recognize the whole EB system is unfair and in particular to I/C/M/P.
    The letter campaign is a great initiative, but I am not sure if we are focusing on the right problem. By saying that the new "interpretation of the spillover" is cruel to EB3 I/C/M/P is plain wrong. Both old and new interpretations were unfair to EB3 I/C/M/P.

    Old interpretation resulted in good forward movement to EB3 ROW while EB2 crawls.
    New interpretation results in good forward movement to EB2 while EB3 crawls.

    How does EB3 ICMP benefit from both the interpretations?

    EB3 is clogged because of the 245i cases. Unless we focus on the exact problem no amount of letters to lawmakers will not yield any result.

    Writing letters to lawmakers is not going to provide any impact for this year Here is my reason it takes 3-5 weeks for the lawmakers to get the letters in DC because of special security screening requirements. By the time they receive the letters the Congress would pretty much be done with their term. The best option would be to meet with the lawmakers in their local office or in DC and appraise them of the long wait.

    Please do understand that one of the reason USCIS changed their interpretation is because many folks with Ph D's and MS from ICMP where waiting for years to get GC"s and USCIS/DOS looked stupid in explaining the reason for the long wait for such folks. Even in the "visa wastage" hearing in the House immigration committee (on Apr 30) the DOS/USCIS was having trouble explaining the long wait times. One of the witness in the hearing was a PhD from China and had been waiting for years for his GC.

    Come on folks. EB2 forward movement is good for EB3's, because EB2 will soon become current and the spillovers will be soon coming to EB3 after EB3 ROW is current. I am anticipating DOS will turn EB2 current in the second half of the year and this will ensure all the spillovers will flow into EB3's because EB2's with PD mid-2007 to now will not be able to clear the NC 180 day barrier. Cheer up folks and let us focus on the real problem getting more number of visa's through recapture.

    If you feel strongly about the cause you should meet with your lawmakers office and address the issue. Letter campaign in not going to yield any short term impact. Please take the time to meet with your lawmakers

    why are we giving so much importance to Ron. If he is so concerned about this issue why can't he take up this issue with AILA? He is a member of AILA.


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  • nkavjs
    11-09 11:35 AM
    I called yesterday and spoke to an IO at TSC.. she says I am seen pending for name check as of Oct 17.
    I am a July 2 filer.

    CAdude.. I have a question for you though.. Did your notices show receipt dates of 2nd July or different.
    I spoke to my lawyer about getting it fixed.. but they never responded to me back.

    *Happy Diwali*

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  • bobopotato
    05-22 08:20 AM
    Would anyone be able to advise if I can travel out of the country after I've filed the 485 if I have an approved I-797 approval notice (for H-1B) but old H-1B stamp in pp has already expired?

    If I travel out and then get the H-1B visa stamp at an outside consulate, I would be able to travel back in, but would I have considered have abandoned the 485 application? (since I travelled out without a valid H-1B stamp in pp)??

    Can I travel out even before my AP arrives? Or does having an AP make a difference? I would prefer to stay on H-1B status since you never know what happens to the 140/485 application.

    Thanks for the help guys.


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  • jungalee43
    09-12 10:06 AM
    I cannot ask my colleagues to sepnd 30 minutes on phone, but I can certainly ask them to send e-mails. They helped me during admin-fix letter campaign and they are all US citizens.
    Can someone prepare a draft for such e-mail along with all the e-mail addresses and post here?
    I can target 15 e-mails by Tuesday.

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  • jayleno
    11-07 01:24 PM
    e-mailed you the docs.

    at baleraosreedhar @ yahoo dot com



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  • Canadian_Dream
    06-29 07:39 PM
    Allowing to file on July 02 or July 03 depends on visa numbers available which in turn depends usage the preceding month. If all the numbers are used up (meaning Immigration Officers have requested visas from DOS in the process of approving pending I-485) they cannot allow anyone to file on July 02 or July 03 and so on.
    I guess currently race is on from USCIS to consume Visa numbers (40,000 or so) from DOS at unprecedented pace. That's why bulletin hasn't changed as yet. USCIS on its part is possibly trying to avoid flood of application at all cost, even if it requires working extra hours (and approving as many cases as possible) if it can save them later. DOS will NOT move the date back until the numbers are used up or near used up. I guess race is on....we will know on Monday. One way to know how true this is will be watching I-485 approvals from now till Monday. We are caught in the tug of war between USCIS and DOS. CIRCus isn't over is back in town again !!!

    For the nth time.. numbers are reduced only after approval and not based on receipt of application. So if you can submit it on July 2nd you submit it on 3rd and so on.

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  • nk2006
    07-11 09:00 AM
    This is about me. I was photographed yesterday!!
    Great job...glus. Please send a link to the article to all your friends, family, collegues etc. I request all other members to do the same/similar. Its excellent that this campaign is working, we have to sustain it as long as its possible thru word of mouth/email/news etc.


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  • saimrathi
    07-11 06:32 AM
    Where is the video of the deliveries? Anything on Reuters TV?

    I saw posts of several members extremely skeptical of the whole idea, even went on calling it stupid, crazy and useless. Some made mockery suggesting sending dead fish etc. I don't see any more posts from them.

    Keeping mum now are we, eh?:rolleyes:

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  • optimystic
    03-26 02:57 PM
    I dont know of any link to a particular publication, but I thought it was a common knowledge that the whole point of labor certification process, is for the DOL to monitor that a potential US worker (I thought it meant US Citizen but may be not), is not being displaced by a foreign worker. To be clear here though, the DOL does not prevent an employer from going ahead and sponsoring an H1B and hiring a foreign employee. But DOL is legally directed to reject such labor applications.

    Though this is applicable only for H1B hiring and subsequent filing of GC process for such an employee, I am wondering whether there is any loophole in DOL's directives that might provide a cover for employers to enquire whether a propective employee is US Citizens are not.... Especailly in the PERM process don't they have to do active recruiting efforts and gather statiscis that they tried to hire US citizens ..?? How can an employer gather statistics if they didn't ask for work authorization related details....?

    May be due to possible loopholes in such laws...they are able to take it a step further and enquiring about the kind of work authorization a candidate possesses!

    One can argue that an EAD guy has crossed such DOL directed verifications and legally aquired work permit. But a 'once approved 140' is not a can get an RFE and rejected...Mostly for Employers ability to pay, but isn't it also for malpractice during PERM recruiting efforts...?

    My point being, an EAD guy is not 100% cleared of the potential fact that he could be displacing an US citizen. And that puts him under the purview of possible screening by an employer (trying or facading to trying to stick to DOL rules) and being compared to an available US citizen with equal qualifications....does it not? And by virtue of that, gives the employer to ask if a candidate is EAD or not...

    May be the policy of 'innocent until proven guilty' applies here and a work permit of an EAD guy to be treated legally as such and be not doubted. But I am digressing....


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  • acecupid
    09-04 08:40 PM
    If you give my reference we both will get 2 months free.


    I gave your name as reference and got 2 months free. Hope you got 2 months too. Thanks!:cool:

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  • bigboy007
    05-11 12:01 AM
    Hunter's Internet knowledge is awesome and hilarious .. May be this is how he does his coding if hez an IT guy... :D I dont think we all should get to his level to argue... Argument should be made with equally knowledgeable ppl.

    His "Distortion" of facts will not change the current scenario.. nor his Internet Knowledge will land him an OSCAR award.. Let him live in his fantasy life.. No doubt Hunter is from a "Great" culture... Unfortunately he doesnt know the meaning of that...

    Are you sure you are not confusing with Indian epics that discuss how Lord Brahma had sex with his own daughter? :D :D

    Unfortunately, you are showing your culture here with responses like this by clearly proving that you are incapable of provding a proper response. You are not making any case here, actually you are undermining it. This clearly shows the contempt that you have for the people of the country where you are desparately trying to immigrate to.

    If things were so rosy in India compared to US, you wouldn't be posting in this forum, will you?

    As a matter of fact, people like you, irrespective of the qualifications, should never be allowed to immigrate to anywhere. You should remain in India or should I say "arsha-bharatha"?


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  • jackisback
    03-30 02:43 PM
    d-uh... May bulletin coming in April

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  • glus
    01-16 07:24 AM
    I am not sure if I am correct, but I have heard it is totally up to you what form to use when re-entering the U.S. If one posseses a valid H1 and AP, it is up to him what to use. Many people choose to use H1 to enter to safeguard status while I485 is pending. I may be wrong; but I could swear I read about this some time ago.....

    Please correct me if I am wrong.


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  • needhelp!
    01-11 02:44 PM
    furthering the displacement of skilled American workers (programmers, engineers, scientists, etc.)How will I displace an American worker if I get a green card sooner? I am already here and already doing a job that DOL certified no other American is willing qualified or able to do!! :D

    This is beyond ridiculous!!

    Guys we need to send in our letters!!

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  • simple1
    06-16 03:21 PM
    They should
    1. not be based on client location (only visit and communicate), must work from sponser's worksite.
    2. not be managed by client. Must be managed by sponser.

    The L-1 Reform Act amends previous legislation by addressing the issue of “outsourcing.” L-1B temporary workers can no longer work primarily at a worksite other than their petitioning employer if the work will be controlled and supervised by a different employer or if the offsite arrangement is essentially to provide labor for hire, rather than service related to the specialized knowledge of the petitioning employer. This limitation will apply to all L-1B petitions filed with USCIS on or after June 6, 2005. This includes extensions and amendments involving individuals currently in L-1 status.

    Of course, person on L1 status can work at client site as long as he/she is directly managed by company that has sponsored L1 visa. They can not be directly managed by client. That is the restriction. Have you even read posts in this thread?
    until it happens to him/her.

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  • arunkotte
    07-12 11:45 AM
    And we at Human Flower Project suggest adding: �By the way, don�t route these flowers to Walter Reed. White flowers like these are associated with mourning and are inappropriate for people convalescing.�

    09-13 09:08 AM
    Received physical cards and welcome notice on the same day.


    05-22 11:02 AM
    Hello Immigration gurus,

    I have a very simple question.

    When can a person leave the job to work for any employer to do any kind of job (other than one mentioned in the Labor Certificate)?

    Choice 1:
    6 months after FILING 485

    Choice 2:
    6 months after GETTING green card

    Choice 3:

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