Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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    07-02 04:30 PM
    The Obama administration announced to use cutting-edge technologies to revamp the entire US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), so as to not only reduce the paperwork, but also the backlog and bring in more transparency into the system.

    US President Barack Obama told a select bi-partisan group of Congressmen that such a system would be in place in the next 90 days, in which the USCIS will launch a vastly improved website.

    This is likely to help thousands of Indian Americans every year who apply for permanent residency or Green Card, citizenship or approach USCIS for various immigration issues, but have to experience an agonizing wait.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2009/06/improved_technology_to_bring_t.html)

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  • dvnagesh
    06-01 09:23 AM
    Please see the below link:


    Good luck.

    Thanks for posting the link. Can you correct the link ? It might be helpful for a lot of people.

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  • sadshaq12
    11-18 05:52 PM
    I believe what you need to show is the company's P&L statement with revenue statement, and not just $7000 in profit. if the company has a revenue of $1mil or more, it should be fine, if less then it needs to show how many employees it had and what profit or loss it made....it should be at least $1.0 profit, rather than a loss.

    I know company need to show profit and loss
    my question was company net income is not enough to meet proffered wages
    but if we look at the company NET CURRENT assit from schedule L in tax return
    and then pro rate the wage for 7 month ( because company file the LC in JUne)
    then company meet the ability to pay

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  • pdakwala
    02-28 11:01 AM
    Hello everyone,

    There is conference call on Thursday March 02, 2006 at 9.00 p.m. PST for people who are in Western part of US and in PST zone. Please join the conference call. If you don't have login and password please call us to get one.

    It is time to get up and do something for ourself instead of sitting and waiting and seeing what others are doing. There are lot of things that we have to do so please join the conference call.


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  • Jipjap74
    08-04 12:24 AM
    My situation is a little different in that I received my GC on Apr 22nd and my company let me go on May 1st. Will this cause me issues in the future?

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  • sathyaraj
    10-01 03:02 PM
    Thank you so much for ur reply.

    yes to all questions.


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  • dbzfan33
    10-07 12:10 AM
    ohh ohh ohh ohh, i hope no one already did it! cause i was about to ask if someone could also do just the letter M. Rotating.

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  • drirshad
    09-12 06:30 PM
    US Consulate in Belgrade posted dates for Oct 06


    This is specific to Belgrade, dunno about India/China


    EB1/EB2: Current

    EB3: 01MAY02
    Edit/Delete Message


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  • NANO3
    05-08 06:16 PM
    nice, i like "saharaNoGloss.jpg"

    very neat, may i have a link to full size sahara pictures, i would like to put them as my wallpaper :p

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  • braindrain
    10-17 01:03 AM
    I am planning to sponsor for my in-laws and have a list of all the required documents, but I have a question about the financial/property documents they need to to take. The reason being, my father-in-law is retired and since then they have been living based on he pension and rental from some of the properties they own and have not filed tax returns.

    Will getting the property evaluation and showing cash balance sufficient OR do I need them to take any additional documentation. Their source of income is just the pension and rental properties. Since most of the transactions happen in CASH in India, they don't have bank statements or records to support the rental property, except for the original property documents associated with the rental properties.

    Since I am the sponsor, I have got all the required docs from my side both immigration and financial docs properly. I believe, my in-laws also need to get the property and other docs handy to prove the ties back to the home country.

    Please advice...


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  • Aristotle08
    06-01 03:58 PM
    It is very possible that my question might have already been answered in the past but after searching through many forums, I could not find a direct answer.

    Here�s my situation:
    Category: EB2
    PERM approved.
    I 140 approved.
    PD � Dec 2007.
    H1-B status: 6 yrs expiring Sep 10. Filed for 3 yr extension.

    I have an excellent chance of a promotion to a managerial level position. I am seriously considering abandoning my current GC process, accept the managerial position and reapplying for a new H1-B and GC.

    1. Will I need a new H1-B? If so, for how many years will I get it?
    2. When I apply for a new PERM, will PD of Dec 2007 still be valid?


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  • amoljak
    03-28 03:49 PM
    Bush said he wants to improve the working visas, I think the prority needs to offer to Canadians because Canadinas use the same language and education system, the distance is closer. We need to call all the senetors, the working visas.etc. need to go to Canadina citizens first.

    I agree. For the genero city of canedians for using the same langwage, the goverment also pay for at least one ice hoky rink in every city. But what about the French canadians.. they should instead be called freedom canadians and directly get a green card...


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  • Euinox
    05-20 01:10 PM
    I came to US in 2009 March (on H4 Visa) ,
    I filed my H1B in September 2009 with Company A and got approved October 2009. I search for projects 2 months; my employer was unable to place me. So he said he will revoke the H1B petition. After that due to family emergency I gone back to India and while re-entering I entered as H4. (As per I-94 Copy). That H1B never got used and I never got any pay stub from Company A.

    Now I am on H4 till date.

    I have found the project and the new employer (who is client say Company B) is ready to file my H1B application. Now as per the Company B�s Legal Team, they can�t get the approval before 1st October 2011 (or start date of H1B visa) and they have to fill this position by this month End. (Which is May or Mid June)

    Now I have inquired some other place and gone through different forums to get answer.
    Here is the query,
    If Company B files my H1B petition with attachment of existing I-797, will my petition get approved from the quota of 2009 (since I got visa with validity date as 1st Oct 2009 year)??

    What kind of H1B petition I need to file and when it will get approved?
    Will this be a fresh H1B petition or something different?
    Can I get approval immediately ( if I filed in Premium processing) so I can start working. Or does the petition will say as start date 1st October 2011?

    Please help me in this issue. I will really appreciate your help.

    Any document/ link which shares light to similar issue is really helpful for me.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-06 02:52 PM
    Because i like the orb-look it gives, no glass effect would make it look flat and gross. :cap:


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  • eagerr2i
    08-07 12:56 PM
    Have you guys seen the letters written by Compete America Board to US Senators and Congressmen. The points they talk about are very similar to the issues identified by us. You may browse the section when you have some time. The link is


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  • saurav_4096
    07-24 10:15 PM
    As long as they have valid visa, there should not be any problem entering after short gap outside USA.

    I guess IO can object if this happens very frequently but in that case they will warn first rather than taking other action.


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  • Roger Binny
    05-04 07:07 AM

    Whatever may be the outcome, it will be either better or lot better than current condition atleast in illegals case.

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  • hello
    12-07 10:46 AM
    Thats fine if Dream Act is last on agenda,then we"ll have more time to call senators.Please pickup phone and call the Senators.Thank You.

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  • IAF
    06-08 11:44 AM
    Go IV Go.

    Thanks for everyonce support and help.

    03-20 08:38 AM
    To members in North Carolina. Today I have received inquiry from News and Observer Group of Raleigh, NC. The inquiry has come through an immigration attorney. They would like to interview someone who is affected by retrogression and understand how the problem would cause brain drain from USA. I am thinking that instead I alone making my voice heard, I want to involve IV and other members. So if someone from NC want his/her/their voice heard and want to join me in this interview please write to me on jungalee43@yahoo.com
    Based on the responses I would reply to this newspaper.
    Admin what should be the approach for this interview? Please guide.

    11-05 05:07 PM
    It leaves out per-country limits for EB

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