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  • Aah_GC
    07-08 10:12 PM
    Title and Job responsibilities dont matter as long as they are same or similar. Your GC Labor has been approved for the title 'Analyst Programmer', so its well worth an effort for you to carry that forward (in same or similar lines).

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  • conundrum
    12-18 04:15 PM
    Unless the dependent is going to have his 140 filed under EB1 I am not sure it would help.

    But to answer your question, I think it is ok to file. Check with your attorney before you do that though

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  • rajuram
    07-22 10:14 PM

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  • vinicola76
    05-21 01:43 PM
    according to latest may 15th update, 140 processing dates have not moved at all ...Is there anything we can do at all to push for premium processing or is it a lost cause??


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  • WillIBLucky
    12-11 11:00 AM
    Once you are a member aren't you automatically registring yourself to your state too?

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-14 08:00 AM
    After a week full of outrage about the Arizona Immigration law, we are happy to report about an opposite spirit coming all the way from the state of New York.

    Gov. David Paterson stepped into the immigration debate Monday, saying he would create the nation's first "pardon panel" to investigate requests of legal immigrants facing deportation because of past convictions.

    Paterson, proposing the measure as the nation is embroiled in conflict over an Arizona law that critics say would encourage racial profiling, said he would pardon immigrants if they meet requirements including rehabilitation and demonstrate they're not a danger to society.

    Paterson is seeking to combat what he calls harsh and rigid federal measures that result in deporting of immigrants who have shown considerable rehabilitation. Arizona's measure makes it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally.

    Paterson said he will seek to use a governor's pardon as a tool to blunt what he called the rigid federal rules for deportation even of immigrants who have successfully engaged in a new life in America. In March, Paterson pardoned Quing Wu, an executive and Chinese immigrant who as a teenager was convicted of a smuggling.

    We hope more states will follow this trend, and focus on the real effort - Immigration reform now.

    Read more here (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/07/nyregion/07pardon.html)

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2010/05/san_diego_deportation_lawyer_n.html)


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  • jaocanada
    05-18 09:53 AM
    The Priority Date box on I-140 shows the priority date alright. But the one on I-1485 is blank. Please can any one check their I-485s and let know if you are also in the same situation?

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  • santa123
    06-14 11:21 PM
    Mine got approved in about 2 months time. My labor certificate reached the lawyer who passed it on to my employer.

    I did a big mistake of not asking for a copy and again when I received it while filing I140 - did not make a copy again.

    Please save a copy for yourself - it helps a lot while switching jobs during AC21.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks. But how long did it take to get the physical copy after the online approval / approval mail from DOL.
    I assume, you would have signed the labor before applying for I140.

    Pls clarify.


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  • NikNikon
    October 27th, 2004, 05:41 AM
    I know Steve prefers to go flashless and knock the ISO up to 1600 but then he's usually shooting bands with huge light shows. Shooting these bands in small clubs who don't have an extravagant light show without a flash I find most of the time my results are too dark. I first try to use the bounce flash method and if that doesn't work out I'll use it straight on but with a lower setting to where it doesn't completely wash out the color of the stage lighting. But yea, that would be my critique, 3 of 4 of your shots are on the dark side.

    H-1B Salary Increase [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : H-1B Salary Increase

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  • theOne
    05-11 09:33 PM
    I have a green card, I plan on getting married. What would be the approximate time to get a green card processed for my future wife ? I am originally from India.

    Thank you.


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  • cheesy_x
    09-26 01:27 PM

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  • blitz456
    06-08 12:31 AM

    I am about to start my process for green card. Not the best of times to file, but I absolutely cant afford to lose more time. My filing would be in EB3 as I have a 3 year bachelor degree. I have a professional accounting degree also but I dont think I would be making use of it. My approach right now is of least risk.

    What I am little concerned about is the designation / job code to use. Though I have worked as a Programmer Analyst till now for 8 years now with some elements of Business Analysis - my idea is file as a Systems Analyst (Onet code - 15-1051.00 ). The reasons are two fold - one, to allow me to work as Business / Financial Analyst when I decide to change my role couple of years down the line and second, to limit the number of responses to advert given present market conditions.

    I am not sure if what I am trying to do has any risks. My lawyer suggests that I should put only and only those elements in advert, for which I can provide experience letters at I 140 stage. So the exact business analysis elements may be difficult to get, but I see the job description at Onet site can quite fit my profile well. (I have done requirements analysis in my last job)

    Also I am wondering if I need this approach at all. Like if I would want to work as a Business Analyst later on, I could file an another labor in anycase - the time lags to get 485 cleared are so long that I can get another labor approved before I apply for 485. This way right now I can get the priority date crystallized first up and care about job role later on.

    However I dont know if the other reason - to prevent too many applications by posting this job code is a pragmatic one or not.

    Please advise. Thanks much in advance.


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  • gparr
    April 28th, 2007, 08:48 PM
    Buy from B&H or Allen's Camera and you'll be fine.

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  • hibworker
    09-21 06:09 PM
    USCIS has not mentioned of any plans to allow filing of I-485 if priority dates are not current.
    Its a different thing that lot of people wish that this will be the case.


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  • honge_kamyaab
    08-01 09:02 AM
    How long on average does it take to get labor approval into my lawyers' hands from BEC once it is approved (certified status shown on the BEC website).

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  • siddar
    09-21 10:56 AM
    Your lawyer is very much on the point, H1B is valid only with the Job. Either H1B COS or H1B stamp outside US, you should have the Job offer in Hand, to be on H1B status.


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  • orshoe
    03-19 05:28 PM
    I was hoping that it would fall into the "related occupations" category.

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  • The7zen
    01-01 03:17 AM
    How are you planning to celebrate?
    Nothing big...those days are all gone :(

    What is your new year resolution?
    Single Digit Body Fat %...I am @15now....came down from 22.

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  • martinvisalaw
    06-24 04:40 PM
    I agree that you should just send the G-325, if that is all they ask for. Just follow the instructions on the RFE regarding how to respond.

    12-16 09:10 AM
    ask your question in the conference call tonight with the attorney - link is available in the homepage

    07-22 10:24 AM
    One required initial evidence (not medical) was not included in my recently submitted 485. Is it possible to send it now without receipt before 08/17?
    If it's possible, what's the proper procedure?

    Please kindly share your comments and experience.

    What is that initial evidence?

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