Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • 2lc2
    09-21 05:12 PM
    PD: 6/14/04
    I485 RD: 6/14/07
    I485 ND: 7/10/07
    FP date: 8/22/07
    Welcome Notice date: 9/18/07
    I-485 Approval Sent Notice: 9/20/07
    I-485 LUD: 7/10/07(ND), 8/22/07(FP), 9/14/07 ,9/18/07(Welcome notice) ,9/20/17 (approval notice)

    I-765 Approval date: 9/19/07
    AP: pending

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  • coolfun
    01-29 12:22 AM
    FP is not needed for EAD or AP.

    Thanks. Where do I file for renewal? At the service center where my 485 is pending (in my case that's TSC) or follow the instruction given in 765 instructions?

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    07-25 04:53 PM
    Dear friends,

    I received card production e-mail today.

    My PD June 2007, RD Oct 2007. No REFEs. EB1 India.

    Thanks for all the help and good counsel.

    Lesson from this experience: Learn to handle delays. Take things in your stride. Do not make GC as end of your life. We can work anywhere and be happy, though US is a preferred destination.

    In this process, I made so many friends and learned to heed others views and good advice.

    Will continue to work for IV.


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  • a_yaja
    09-13 10:47 AM

    What is the last day for filling H1B? (assuming cap of 65,000 is not reached)

    To be specific, can it be filled after 30th sept, 2009?


    I am assuming you are talking about a new H1 that is subject to the 2009 - 2010 cap of 65K. You can file it anytime as long as H1 numbers are available. You can even file for a H1 in Sept. 2010 (that is subject to the 2009 - 2010 cap) if a visa number is available from the 2009 - 2010 quota (not sure if your job has to start before Oct. 2010 to qualify for a H1 subject to the 2009 - 2010 cap though).


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  • pali
    11-01 03:25 PM
    Thanks again BMS1,

    Can you let me know what documents are required to file I-539
    Thanks again

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  • sathish_gopalan
    09-04 04:08 PM
    My EAD renewal has not been approved and it has been 100 days. I checked with local immigration officer and they dont know as why it is still not processed. USCIS customer service representative says it is within the processing time in Nebraska service center. I efiled EAD and got the biometrics done in June. I am on EAD & can i continue to work if the EAD renewal does not come through befire the current EAD expires ?. Will it affect I485 ?


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  • GCNeophyte
    09-03 02:50 PM
    When will they post inventory data? I got bored with analyzing/looking May 2010 inventory. EB3 filers like me needs something to munch on for next couple of years.

    Note to USCIS: don't delay your release dates of inventories. Keep us busy ...

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  • Macaca
    01-20 12:02 PM
    Looks like AGjOBS bill has good chance of passing. Does anyone know what the definition of agricultural worker is ?
    Could one by considered agricultural worker if they are in landscaping business ? what about in agricultural sales.
    We are about to see creation of huge black market for documents claiming someone is farmer if this rule is passed.

    Can one be illegally working as Ag worker while on H1 ? :)

    May find something here AgJOBS Amnesty Legislation Re-introduced (

    AgJOBS amnesty legislation that would provide amnesty to close to 3 million illegal aliens was re-introduced in the Senate and House by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA; S. 237) and Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA; H.R. 371). The Senate passed AgJOBS legislation as part of its �comprehensive� immigration bill (S. 2611) last May, but the measure died when the House refused to take it up before adjournment. In addition, both the House and Senate saw stand-alone AgJOBS measures (H.R. 884 and S. 359) introduced during the 109th Congress.


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  • ddelgado
    04-25 12:48 PM
    I am from Memphis too

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  • theshiningsun
    05-27 09:40 PM
    thx pappu n aruben for ur responses.

    pappu, ur link talks abt GC in EB-5 category. is the requirement of $1 mn investment a reqd condition for this? in other words, if an enterprise can generate jobs for 10+ US citizens by investing a lesser amt, is that valid for filing GC under EB-5 category?

    thx in advance,


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  • busybee2512
    06-14 12:01 PM
    I went to graduate school in the US, (majored in Architecture) and was on an F1 visa from the period 2006-2009.I graduated in Aug 2008 and applied for an H1 through a consultancy firm.The petition for an H1 visa was approved, but I decided to return back home anyway and came home in 2009.

    2 weeks ago, I visited the States for a week for a conference on a B1/B2 visa. I eventually want to return to the States and work there and therefore, need advice in this regard...

    Given that my petition for an H1 has been approved, will the company that offers me employment have to reapply for an H1 for me?Or can the H1 be transferred from the Consultant company(that got me the H1), to the new company easily?!

    Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated!

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  • yestogc
    10-08 01:35 PM
    Anyone can shed some light on this.


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  • STAmisha
    06-20 02:15 PM
    My company is an US company (2000 people+) and not a desi body shopper

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  • Narayan
    01-20 04:39 PM
    I changed my employer after 9 months of filing 485 using AC21 a year ago and my new employer has reduced my workdays to 3 days a week starting this month. Can I get a second job for 2 days a week with same job description and salary etc ?


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  • frostBite
    06-29 11:41 PM
    super cool picture, sweet idea too

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  • reddymjm
    06-19 05:00 PM
    I am sorry to ask...If H1B doesn't have I-94 attatched to it and it was approved when my friend was in india, he can work on L1. My question is, if he moves out of country and get H1B stamped, can he work on L1?

    As it is not a change of status. If he gets it stamped on his passport and enters the county on H1B. YES he can. I strongly recommend to get his visa stamped in India until unless he has a US degree.


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  • krustycat
    10-05 09:55 AM
    I'm waiting :rolleyes:

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  • DDash
    08-16 09:06 PM

    He is very knowledgeable with non-profits, esp. with universities.

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  • waitnwatch
    05-30 04:29 PM
    "Everybody is talking about the illegal immigrants, even though they broke the law," said Patel. "They are going to give them amnesty, but the high-skilled people like us, who are contributing to the U.S. economy - we are overlooked."

    Good article giving us some great exposure. Just noticed the above line in the article..... I hope there is no political impact of the use of "amnesty" in the statement. I guess I am being a bit paranoid!

    04-25 12:26 PM
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    06-05 04:27 PM
    Thanks! Keep the information flowing

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