Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • jbj1234
    07-20 06:00 PM
    I would like to file my PERM through a good immigration lawyer in bay area. Does anyone have any recommendation? Has anyone used Indu law firm?
    Some of the big names like fragomen etc seem to handle mostly company cases and are too expensive for individual case filing.
    Also how much is the charge typically for the whole GC process or PERM. I know it would vary depending on lawyers but i am looking to get some general idea on how much people on the Forum have spent filing their cases from GOOD lawyers.

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  • achu
    06-05 02:08 PM
    Hi Friends,

    I am confused with AP expiration date.

    The printed exiration date is :July 29, 2009
    But my latest paroled stamp on AP it is : Dec 05, 2009.

    Which date should i follow to renew my AP?


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  • sourabh27
    06-29 02:42 PM
    I am stuck in a similar situation in Mumbai. It is the 4th week running.
    when did you finally get yours done ?

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  • nihar
    11-27 11:48 PM
    :mad:I have another query and thats is i have a a far related cousin and her husband is on l1 visa . now my query is what visa is she on and what visa is her daughter on who was born here few months bak . also how shud she apply for a passport for this kid . is this kid an american citizen and also how to go about passport for the kid and also is it required to apply for visa for the kid to travel to India . Another serious issue she is been illtreated by her husband and how should she report this matter to the local police here .


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  • wait_2010
    08-18 04:21 PM
    Thanks Raj for the immediate reply.

    But just in case if I want to have all my I - 94s where can I get them. Just in case if I have missed them.


    I dont think you will need them . I am also filing premium 140 and lawyer has nOT asked for all I94s ..ONly the recent one..Dont worry much if you dont have all of them

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  • vinki
    08-23 06:09 PM
    Hi !
    Our lawyer had posted our application on July 2nd and we had our fingerprinting scheduled for 21st august which was completed.

    I checked my status on the USCIS site for the very first time today. And it says. "On July 30, 2007, we received this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case" . Can anyone kindly explain me what this means ( how July 30th and what mail are they talking about ?we never received any! ) ...



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  • i99
    10-15 04:23 PM

    Our checks were cashed today (both for me and my husband). Our application (I 140/I485 conc.) was July 2nd @NSC received by R Williams. They were cashed in Texas. We did not even get the receipt notices yet. Thus, the wait sounds longer for us.

    hi i99,
    i remember seeing ur threads for r.mickels or williams...if u got ur receipts and are on the the next waiting level of FP notice - welcome....and it looks like its going to be a long one.

    RN - Recd Aug 28th
    EAD & AP - Recd Sept 4th
    FP - Still Waiting

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  • h1bdude1
    04-21 11:18 AM
    anybody please answer my question......



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  • lostinbeta
    10-05 12:48 AM
    Yes, delete the background layer and it will give you a transparent background (or you can just start a new image with the transparent background.

    File/Save As... .gif file, be sure to make sure the transparency checkbox is checked. Save then import into Flash. Easy as pie.

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  • Pasquale
    04-01 12:18 AM
    ROFL they just got pwnt.


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  • ivyleeger
    07-12 09:25 AM
    Nicely written

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  • Pineapple
    07-27 04:00 PM
    Good work sw33t, but just curious.. why are you opening one thread per state chapter?? Can we restrict this to one thread, and close the rest please? thanks..


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  • Gator
    02-25 12:31 AM

    My current EAD was issued in 2007 when I filed I-485 + I-140 concurrently. It has since expired. I did not apply for a renewal because I am still on my H1B.

    I am applying for a renewal now and had a question regarding filling out form I-765

    Q15. Current Immigration Status ( Vistor, Student, etc )
    I am still on my H1B. So I think I should write H1B and not AOS. But I am not sure.

    I filled (C)(9) for Q16 Eligibility Criteria, and since I live in Ohio I am sending it to USCIS Phoenix Lockbox Facility. My receipt notice is Aug 2007 and to be sure I am including the $380 fee.

    Appreciate your help!


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  • STAmisha
    06-23 08:15 PM
    I have a very unique problem.
    I'm filing 140 and 485 now with my current company (company B). I came to USA in Sep 2000 via company A. I joined current company in May 2003. I did not resign from company A till July 2003 ( was on vacation from company A and got paid).I also got experience letter from company A saying that I worked from Sep 2000 to july 2003

    Now in my biographic forms should I declare that I worked in company A from Sep 2000 to May 2003 (or) Sep 2000 to July 2003?
    If I put Sep 2000 - July 2003, will I be in a problem? Please advice

    Also, I LC just got approved from P-BEC. We dont have the physical copy yet. can we file 140 and 485 without it?


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  • rockstart
    07-02 03:19 PM
    When my I 140 was approved I was not married so the only name was mine. But during July 07 time I was married so was able to file I 485 for both.

    If wife name is not mentioned what is the consequence?

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  • Sai gc
    08-07 10:47 PM
    Hi ,
    I received NOID on my i 485 (to be precise here is what it states)
    1)" 140 filled on behalf of you has been revoked by my previous employer ,also mentioned as it is after 180 days of filling my 485 ,but my application still valid with in the meaning of section 204 of the act.
    but they asked for employment verification letter from my recent employer with duties,educational qualification and offered wage of salary as it is .
    2) Inmatter of semerjian ,it was held that an immigrant alien with in the purview of section 212 (a)(14) must establish a bona fied intent to work in USA,immediately or in fore seeable future,in his or her qualifying endeavour or in a related field.
    3) It was further held in matter of tanaham ,18 I & N dec.339(reg.comm.1981)under section 245 of act who meets the objective pre requisites is merely eligible to apply for adjustment of status. when an alien seeks the favourable exercise of discretion by this service ,it is incumbent up on alien to establish that he or she merits adjustment

    what does number 2 and 3 mean? what should be provided in evidence to that?Please advice.

    The date on the notice is june 23 rd ,but i received my mail 2 weeks back to the adress where i work.(say july 24 th)
    Iam away from that adress since 2 weeks

    Responded to my RFE with EVL (emploment verification)way back in august 2008 through attorney .so considering the date on notice that is june 23 rd. 33 days time has passed.but when i consider the date i received i still have time,which date should i consider,iam confused....,is it OK if i send my reply next week.Now iam worried,as just now i came to know about my letter from uscis(no online update though). what to do now,iam worried ,please advice.



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  • siddar
    09-21 10:56 AM
    Your lawyer is very much on the point, H1B is valid only with the Job. Either H1B COS or H1B stamp outside US, you should have the Job offer in Hand, to be on H1B status.

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  • NikNikon
    July 16th, 2005, 05:46 AM
    Hello and welcome. I have a D70 as well and also shoot a lot of concert type events, here's a link to that section of my gallery:

    Maybe the EXIF data will be helpful though it's not completely accurate, even though I shoot in manual it will read shutter priority. ISO usually 1600 as Josh stated above.

    Good luck and enjoy your camera, now maybe you can help me get into the photo pits. :) j/k

    Lay off in H1B Transfer [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Lay off in H1B Transfer

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  • abcdefgh
    11-13 06:23 PM

    I am on currently H1B visa using AC21 portability based on I140 approval from previous employer. This is my 9 th year and H1B is expiring April 2010. My current employer is starting H1b renewal again. I do not have H1B visa stamp in my passport as I did not travel outside the USA for last 5 years.

    Through my wife's I 485 filling I am beneficiary on that petition. I have applied for advanced parole for both of us to travel out of USA somewhere around March 2010.

    My questions are follow:

    1. Upon travel when I try to come back should I use this advanced parol or get a H1 visa stamp on my passport and make a entry based on H1 Visa?
    2. If I use advanced parol to make an entry does it invalidate my H1 status? I heard somewhere that If I use advance parol to make an entry than I can no longer be on H1 visa. In my case advanced parol I am getting is based on I 485 benefits from wife's I485 case.
    3. If making an entry on advance parol does not affect my H1 status, then should I still go to US embassy and get H1 visa stamp? Or it is no longer needed? Is it advisable not to have H1b stamp in my passport at all because I can use Advance Parol for internation travelling? The reason I am asking is because to get stamp in passport will require me to travel to embassy and consume my time from very limited time I am travelling.
    4. What are the documents I need to carry while I travel if advance parol is advisable to be used at port of entry?
    5. What are advantage/disadvantage of Advance Parol Vs H1b Visa for making an entry?
    6. and Lastly, the things I need to keep in mind while at port of entry?

    I know, I am asking too many questions. But to be honest, I am really nervous about this traveling as I have not travelled outside the US for last five years. And you know during these years many things must have been changed.

    I really appreciate any advise.



    12-19 05:51 PM
    That should be fine...don't worry ..

    08-06 09:11 PM
    Iam also in the same situation as yours.
    How did you change the Name on the Pending
    I-485 and EAd.Please let me know.
    I would greatly appreciate your help.

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