Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • panky72
    06-11 01:11 AM
    I Am One Of The July Filers. Along With I-485 Application Last Year
    I Did Apply For Ead, But Didnt Apply For Ap.
    Can I Apply For Ap Along With Ead Renewal This Time?????
    Please Discuss


    Pd Eb3 Dec 2003
    July Filer For Ead

    Yes you can.

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  • maheshf
    10-06 11:01 AM

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  • kaushik58
    09-09 11:21 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    Can Any Body Update Us With Any Latest On This Subjected Issue ?

    Recently In I-140 Anybody Got Aproval With 3 Years Degree From Nsc ? I Am Talking About Eb-3 Cases.

    I Understood That Something Was Going On But Could Not Get Any News So Far !

    Can Anybody Give Lights If There Is Something Positive ?

    I Hope Immigration Voice Will Also Take Up This Issue During Rally.


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  • skumar9
    11-30 09:47 AM
    Hello PRA...

    Did you call the uscis and got the First name and last name corrected? ( Fname and Lname interchnaged)

    Please advise?



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  • fatboysam
    09-05 01:15 PM
    Thanks very much for your answer. i have one more question :)
    what should be correct answer for following question:

    Have you made any specific plans?

    If i select Yes, then it gives following option:
    'intended date of arrival to US' and intended date to return back from US'

    If i select No, then it gives following option:
    'intended date of arrival to US'

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  • xbeartai
    05-02 02:57 PM
    Hello everyone

    My GC is during I-140 step as EB2 category with A company.

    Currently, My company A is working on reorgnization. I am not clear which term I can use to descrip this changes:

    Please reviwe the steps below:

    1. currently company A will setup a wholly subdivison as B (LLC);
    2. Company A will contribute its buiness and all assets to B for exchange 100% member shares before closing dates;
    3. Investor C purchase 55% member shares of B on the date of closing this deal.

    A company will be remain exit after closing, but it is only tax shell for the owner, it will be prohibit to do any similar business in the future, B get A's original buiess and all assets.

    If anyone have similar situation before, and can give me some advisor on how to file the docuementation to show B is"Successor in interest" of A after closing deal.


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  • aachoo
    05-24 02:24 PM
    Attorney did the work for me. But he asked for 2 photos for AP renewal. The EAD renewal generated a biometrics apppointment within 2 weeks (I am in CA)

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  • ivgclive
    12-10 03:18 PM
    Hi ,
    I attended H4 VIsa intervew recently at Chennai,India and got Green 221(G) asking for some documents from petitioner. Meanwhile my husband changed the employer and got new I797.
    Now at the time of submitting the documents, I understand that I need to submit new I797. But what about the documents stated in 221(G), Do I still need to submit them? If so which petitioner's documents do I need to submit? Old one or new one? As the query was mainly about petitioner and now that the petitioner is changed , do I still need to submit them?
    Please advice.

    H1 is the petitioner for H4

    Does your husband have the visa stamp for the new I-797?


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  • pani_6
    09-11 05:48 PM
    I think this is a step forward...but aint cutting it...your status remains "in process for years"...everyday check the same url and it says gives the same stale status...what we need is a way to make a resonably accurate guess as to when my LC will go into the next stage..

    The process and results need to be predictable....!!!

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  • rameshavula
    07-16 12:51 PM
    how are you planning on getting the deposit slip stamped in ScotiaBank?

    P.S: I have an appointment on Aug 23rd, it would be helful to know how to do this. Thanks

    I took the stamped deposit slip the same day morning at 9 AM (My appointment at 10 AM). I am sure you already looked at the nearest scotia bank locations in Ottawa. It takes only couple of minutes for the teller to stamp the slips.


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  • pcs
    07-10 08:28 AM
    I am sure these racists are there too trough this guy

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  • immm
    01-14 11:03 AM
    Any suggestions?


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  • skakodker
    02-14 07:01 PM
    Thank you.

    Based on your response, my understanding is that so long as I am with my current employer, travel on H1 /H4 is fine. When she gets back, I can consider using my EAD to switch jobs.

    You mentioned "if you or your wife don't want to use EAD in the near future..." - to your knowledge, will there be a problem if I use my EAD during her trip to India?

    Thanks - Sunil

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  • sandy_77
    08-29 05:07 AM
    I strongly suggest that you do not go for visa stamping (unless there is a family emergency) if you get the new H1B approved. I went for the visa renewal and after nearly 7 months I am still waiting. I am not from any restricted country or have any thing problematic in my name (if you know what I mean). Since these investigations are confidential, I may never know the reason for my situation. From the various forums on this subject, i have gathered that, once you get flagged, you are condemned for life or until you get citizenship. Even if you have done nothing wrong...they like to test your patience again and unfortunately the pleasure is all theirs.

    If you have to get stamped, get it from a neutral country such as Canada. A company that can allow you to work from overseas while you are waiting for the visa will help a lot. Also ask your friends to help you with your apartment and other belongings if it takes too long to get the visa. If you do get the visa quickly then just thank your lucky stars for they were more powerful than the VO on that day and time.


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  • NikNikon
    September 24th, 2005, 07:12 PM
    The slower shutter makes it and adds a nice smooth feel to the water, great shot.

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  • tabletpc
    07-27 02:35 PM
    Can you give some inputs on my query..??

    I am now thinking of joining an Indian based company and work for same company in US. With this I can always have a base in India and can think of relocate back if need arises. Can anyone tell me the recruiting procedure for some major companies for an applicant like me ? or How to get a recruited to Indian company while being in US..??

    My area of expertise is 3.5, AJAX, SQL Server., C#. I hold BE in CS and later completed MS in US. I have been working in US from past 5 years after completing MS.

    Greatly appreciate any inputs on this�


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  • panky72
    06-19 02:00 PM
    Dear IVians,

    Do I need to send my original passport for PIO application?

    I am not comfortable sending out my passport. Hence, I wanted to double-check.

    Your response is appreciated.

    You will find many of the answers here

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  • nkavjs
    07-26 05:05 PM
    Hi Friends :

    I am not sure if I am posting this question in right thread or not.
    My attorney (Dumbest creature on this earth) filed my I-485 (AOS) application on 30th June, 07 recd. on 2nd July at 10.45 am. I was under this impression that all 3 stages 485/765/131 were filed along to uscis.. but I was wrong. My attorney only applied for 485 saying that they were very busy and will file for 765 and 131 (EAD and AP) after we get 485 adjudicated.. BS..

    Anyways.. My question is.. since 485 was mailed out via attorney's office, can I go ahead and apply for 765 and 131 on my own, bypassing attorney's effort or am I stuck with them to wait for their mood-swings to go ahead and file my papers. The deadline with old fees application is 30th July as per the news bulletin. I dont want to waste time for 485 to get adju. and then file for 765/131.

    Please advise me about this situation. Also I don't have any proof of 485 application being submitted. I only have tracking number of Fedex that the application was delivered on 2nd July. GOSHH.. pls. advise me.

    Stuck in indy

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  • greatzolin
    08-24 04:31 PM
    Last Up Date on you I-140 or anyother USCIS document.

    05-22 03:17 PM
    Our attorney told us to get documents ready to file I-485 as our PD of Jan 2004 might get current, hopefully. Unfortunately, my birth certificate does not have my name (at time of birth, name was not decided) but rest info is there. This makes for incomplete information on birth certificate. Here is what we have been advised to do (copied from attorney's mail):

    My question is has anyone got Nonavailability certificate in case of missing birth certificate from Delhi (my place of birth), India. If yes, me out and let me know how to go about it. My parents are not even sure which Municipalty branch to go to.......they are getting the affidavits ready, though.

    "Since your birth certificate is not available, you may obtain a Certificate of Non-Availability: This document is issued by a competent governmental authority confirming that the birth certificate does not exist. There is no set format for certificates of non-availability, but the document must indicate the reason the birth record does not exist, and indicate whether similar records for the time and place are available.

    You may also obtain a Affidavit of Birth: If a birth certificate does not exist, was issued more than one year after your birth, or does not contain all of the required information as stated above, a sworn affidavit executed by both parents (mother and father) may be submitted. "

    12-09 06:55 PM
    I had misdemenour with conviction.Got my H1B stamping in Chennai.
    Make sure you check Yes in the colmn "Have you ever been arrested". Voluntarily present the case dismissal documents.
    Make sure you go to the appointment as soon as you land, If they say they will need to look into the case(It will take 3 weeks). They will not give your passport back when this process of "Look into it" happens. So you cannot travel back to US when Consulate takes time.
    If the Consular officer is satisfied with the documents you have presented to him. In my case i had to produce case dispositions. Misdemenour is not a "InAdmissible" Offense even if you are convicted. made it back with 3 year stamping "Jai Ho"

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